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National Health Services Corps

About NHSC

America's Health Care Hereos

How We Do It

Uniting communities in need with clinicians who care, one community at a time.

The NHSC collaborates with communities in need to develop and expand health care for underserved populations. In rural areas and inner-city neighborhoods alike, people who need health care are going without it for a variety of reasons. They may be uninsured or underinsured, or face language, geographic, or cultural barriers that prevent them from receiving the best possible care.

The NHSC delivers a workforce of caring and culturally competent clinicians dedicated to serving the underserved. Through a combination of programs, including our educational loan repayment program and our scholarship program, we are able to build a cadre of primary care clinicians who are motivated by an extraordinary desire to serve, along with a commitment to improve the health of underserved communities.

NHSC clinicians are prepared to consider the health of the entire community, concerned as much with the patients who come to their clinics as the patients that are not. They take active leadership and mentorship roles in the communities they serve, and strive to be more than a health care professional but also a friend and neighbor.

Culturally Competent:
Our clinicians are trained to be responsive to the different cultural beliefs and practices within their communities. They are also given a number of self-assessment tools to help them identify how their personal values impact their ability to communicate across cultures.

We believe that health care is best delivered by a team of clinicians working together to treat the whole patient through health promotion, disease prevention, and continuity of care that factors in medical, dental, mental/behavioral, and cultural aspects.

Our primary health care teams include interdisciplinary groups of professionals who combine their skills to meet their patients' health care needs. Team members vary based on the specific needs of each community.

We are currently recruiting the following health professionals:

Primary Care Physicians Nurse Practitioners
Dentists Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals
Physician Assistants Certified Nurse-Midwives
Dental Hygienists  
Success Stories


NHSC Scholar Helps Patients Manage Diabetes

Dana Green, a certified physician assistant (PA-C) and National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholar, arrived in the remote rural community of Van Buren, Maine, and launched a personal crusade to educate underserved populations and their caregivers about diabetes. Four years and many success stories later, Green is now recognized nationally and locally as a leading researcher on the standards of diabetes care.

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