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Enabling Services for Special Populations Grant Competition Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Conference Call

HRSA will be offering a pre-application conference call for this opportunity: Enabling Services for Special Populations (HRSA-09-190) General Technical Assistance Call

Enabling Services for Special Populations (HRSA-09-190)
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009
Time: 1:30 PM Eastern Time
Call-in-Number: 1-888-324-6995 (toll free)
Passcode: Enabling Services
Replay Number: 1-800-839-2203 (toll free) (Available through March 17, 2009)
Replay Pass Code: 2626


Goal: The goal of the Enabling Service for Special Populations funding opportunity is to increase enabling services for special populations served by organizations funded under section 330(g), Migrant Health Centers, section 330(h) Health Care for the Homeless, and/or section 330(i) Public Housing Primary Care of the Health Center Program authorized under section 330 of the Public Health Service Act (PHS) as amended.

Enabling Services are non-clinical services (i.e., Not direct patient services) that enable individuals to access primary health care services and improve health outcomes. Enabling services include case management, referrals, translation/interpretation, transportation, eligibility assistance, health education, environmental health risk reduction (e.g., educational materials, nicotine gum/patches), and outreach.

Only the following current Health Center Program grantees are eligible:

  • Migrant Health Centers (MHC) (section 330(g)), which provide services to migratory and seasonal farm workers and their families within the service area.
  • Health Care for the Homeless Grantees (HCH) (section 330(h)), which provide services to homeless individuals and families within the service area.
  • Public Housing Primary Care Grantees (PHPC) (section 330(i)), which provide services to residents of one or more public housing developments within the service area.

    Note: Applicants must propose to expand enabling services to a special population(s) consistent with current/existing section 330 funding (MHC, HCH, or PHPC). Applicants May Not request funding for a New section 330 subpart (MHC, HCH, or PHPC).

Applicants that receive funding only under section 330(e), Community Health Center Program, Are Not eligible.

Applicants May Not propose to use Federal funding for:

  • adding a new service delivery site.
  • expenses related to land or facility purchase, construction/alteration, or renovation of a facility, or any other facility related expenses that would cause a Federal interest to be placed on land or a facility.
  • any direct patient care and/or services including the provision of patient care services (physical exams, therapy sessions, pharmaceuticals, etc.).
  • any expansions of direct services (extended clinic hours, expanded clinical services, etc.).
  • major capital equipment used for reimbursable patient care and services (radiology equipment, ambulances, etc.).


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