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Faith- & Community-Based Organizations

HRSA has a long history of partnerships with faith-based and community-based organizations. Under President Bush’s leadership, partnerships between Government and faith-based organizations have taken on increased importance. HRSA encourages faith-based and community-based organizations, including small and novice organizations, to apply for HRSA grants.

  • HRSA grants are awarded competitively
  • Applications are made in response to program announcements and other requests for proposals or applications published in the Federal Register or the HRSA Preview
  • No grant or cooperative agreement funds are set aside specifically for faith-based providers, nor will a separate fund be established within HRSA or the HHS Center for Faith-based and Community Initiatives

Guidance and Policy Statement of Religious Nondiscrimination in Grant Eligibility and Service Delivery

The Federal government does not discriminate against non-governmental organizations on the basis that such organizations have a religious character. Faith-based organizations are eligible to compete for grant funds on the same basis as all other non-governmental organizations. Decisions about grant applications and awards will be made based solely on the competence, capacity, and actions of the provider, not whether it is a secular or faith-based provider.

To the extent permitted by law, faith-based organizations that receive federal financial assistance may — just as secular non-governmental organizations — use their facilities to provide federally funded services without removing or altering art, icons, literature, or other distinctive symbols from these facilities. In addition, faith-based organizations that apply for or participate in programs supported with federal financial assistance may retain their organizational identity including, but not limited to name, internal governance, and mission statements.

No grantee may discriminate in its delivery of a federally-funded program against a client or potential client on the basis of religion or religious belief, a refusal to hold a religious belief, or a refusal to actively participate in a religious practice. Any specifically religious activity or service made available to clients by the grantee must be voluntary as well as separate in time and location from government funded activities and services.

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