HAZUS-MH Flood Model

The HAZUS-MH Flood Model allows planners and other practitioners to carry out a wide range of flood hazard analyses, including:

The flood loss estimation methodology consists of two modules that carry out basic analytical processes: flood hazard analysis and flood loss estimation analysis. The flood hazard analysis module uses characteristics, such as frequency, discharge, and ground elevation to estimate flood depth, flood elevation, and flow velocity. The flood loss estimation module calculates physical damage and economic loss from the results of the hazard analysis.

New Features in HAZUS-MH MR3 Flood Model

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HAZUS-MH Flood Model Applications

The Flood Model has been widely used by State and local officials for risk assessment and mitigation planning, including:

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HAZUS-MH MR3 Patch 1 Adjustments and Improvements

Additionally, HAZUS can be installed on ArcEditor.

Download HAZUS-MH MR3 Patch 1

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Last Modified: Monday, 10-Dec-2007 14:32:57 EST

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