HAZUS-MH Earthquake Model

The HAZUS-MH earthquake model estimates damage and loss to buildings, lifelines and essential facilities from scenario and probabilistic earthquakes, including:

Earthquake Model Performance

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Use of Earthquake Loss Estimates

HAZUS-MH displays the analysis  both through GIS maps and tables.  This forecasting capability enables users to carry out a wide range of analyses. 

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New Features in HAZUS-MH MR3

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HAZUS-MH Earthquake Model Applications

Since the HAZUS-MH earthquake model was first used in 1995, there has been a wide range of applications by Federal, state, local and private sectors users.

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HAZUS-MH MR3 Patch 1 Adjustments and Improvements

Additionally, HAZUS can be installed on ArcEditor.

Download HAZUS-MH MR3 Patch 1

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Download Plug-in

Some of the links on this page require a plug-in to view them. Links to the plug-ins are available below.

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