Querying and Reporting XML Service (QRXS)

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The QRXS is ideal for queriers and reporters who store and manage their subject and report data within their own information or credentialing systems. The QRXS automates query and report submissions to the Data Banks and returns responses in a format that can be easily loaded into users' information systems.

The QRXS is the Data Banks’ next generation interface, offering a number of benefits over the legacy ITP (Interface Control Document (ICD) Transfer Program) interface:

Feature QRXS ITP

Client Program Java API

Yes No
Standards-Based XML File Format Yes No

Enables File Format Validation Prior to Submission

Yes No

Enables Automatic XML File Creation and Processing

Yes No

Real-Time Data Validation Upon Submission

Yes No
Transaction Support:    
     Querying Yes Yes
     No Charge for Queries Rejected Due to Data Errors Yes No
     Report Change Notifications Yes No
     Password Changes Yes Yes
     Report Submission (AAR, MMPR, JOCR) Yes Yes

QRXS transactions must be submitted through the QRXS Java client software in an XML document that conforms to the schemas written in the W3C XML Schema Language (version 1.0) provided in the QRXS File Format Specifications. Submission files should be checked for schema compliance prior to submission using a third-party XML Schema validator.

Response files are downloaded using the QRXS Java client software. Successful response files will be available for download within an average of 2 to 4 hours of receipt by the Data Banks. Under certain circumstances, additional processing time may be required. Please do not re-submit your report or query on the subject in question, since this will result in duplicate transactions. If your submission file is not formatted properly following the specifications, it will be rejected. If you do not receive your response within 2 business days of submission, please contact the Customer Service Center.

Using the QRXS interface requires:


Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE), available as a free download from Sun Microsystems' Java Web site.


QRXS Client Resources:


QRXS File Format Specifications: Zip File

The QRXS file format is defined by an XML Interface Control Document (ICD) and an XML schema. The XML schema defines the structure and format of QRXS submission and response files. This schema is intended to be used by the technical staff who creates the functionality to format and process QRXS submission and response files. The XML ICD provides high level guidance to help users provide complete information for file submissions and for processing response files. The Data Banks strongly recommend the use of an XML validator to ensure that your XML files are correctly formatted prior to submission. There are many commercial and open-source XML validators available. The Data Banks may not be able to process submission files that do not satisfy the XML schema. Sample XML submission and response files are provided as part of the specifications.


Registration for the QRXS Mailing List. The QRXS file format is updated periodically by the Data Banks. It is strongly recommended that users join the QRXS Mailing List to receive notice of updates. The Data Banks make an effort to notify users at least 1 month in advance of an update to code lists. Users should expect code lists to be updated quarterly. Additional updates to the QRXS file formats are required periodically. Users will be notified 6 months in advance of updates to the QRXS file formats. If you are already registered for the QRXS Mailing List and would like to be removed, contact the Customer Service Center.


QRXS users are encouraged to use the sample response files to format their response data.

New users are strongly encouraged to contact the Customer Service Center regarding their use of the QRXS interface. Test submission files may be sent to the Customer Service Center for validation. The Data Banks will process your test file and return a response via e-mail.