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Region 5 PhotoFrom its office in Chicago, FEMA Region V works hand-in-hand with the emergency management stakeholders in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Region V is the second most populated of the 10 FEMA regions serving more than 49 million people. The region's most common challenges are floods, tornadoes, blizzards, and earthquakes. It also has the highest volume of shipped hazardous materials of all 10 FEMA regions, and is home to 16 of the nation’s nuclear power plants which, reside in five of the six of Region V states.

Who We Are

Currently a diverse staff of about 90 full-time employees and a cadre of more than 300 on-call Disaster Assistance Employees (DAE's) provide support for Region V.

Office of the Regional Administrator

Flood Risk Information Open Houses

Representatives from FEMA Region V hosted Flood Risk Information Open Houses for the Metro East Illinois counties of Monroe, Madison and St. Clair, Tuesday through Thursday, July 29-31, 2008.  The Open Houses provided county residents with an opportunity to review a recently completed countywide preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and its accompanying preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).  The FIS and the FIRMs provide base flood information, delineate areas subject to significant flood hazards within the county, and offer information public officials may use when permitting development in the floodplain.  Once the maps become effective, these maps will be used by floodplain permit officials, builders and developers, lenders, realtors, insurance agents, and the general public to determine flood risk, develop mitigation measures, and encourage wise and responsible risk management decision making.

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Region V: In the Know

FEMA Director of External Affairs Jonathan Thompson Visits Region V

The newly appointed FEMA Director of External Affairs was recently in Chicago to meet with the regional external affairs team and senior staff. Mr. Thompson opened a two day Regional Interagency Steering Committee (RISC) meeting with an overview of the Emergency Support Function (ESF) #15 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Thompson's presentation, "A New Approach to Emergency Communication and Information Distribution" is based on a national training program currently underway for the ESF-15 SOP. The course teaches Federal, State and local partners a communications strategy that is integrated, comprehensive and empowered. The presentation highlighted the roles and responsibilities of the Execution Phases and Key ESF-15 Actions during advance notice and no notice events. All ESF actions are executed under these four phases of an incident:

  1. Awareness
  2. Readiness
  3. Response, and
  4. Recovery

In the Know...


Disaster Operations Paul Preusse , Division Director

Disaster Assistance Christine Stack , Division Director

Mitigation Norbert Schwartz , Division Director

Federal Preparedness Coordinator

Owning Property Where Tornados Hit and Floods Strike

Region 5 Photo

Read more on how you can prepare for the storm with shelter and safe room design guidance.

Region 5 Photo

Flooding in Roseau County , Minnesota , 2002

Learn about FEMA's Map Modernization program, and find out how you can protect your home from flooding.

To obtain a copy of FEMA flood maps, visit your local community, search the online Map Service Center, or call the FEMA Map Assistance Center at 1-877-FEMA MAP.

Visiting Region V

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