These forms are available for you to download/print, sign, and return to us via fax or mail, as indicated in the instructions for each. At this time, these forms can not be submitted through our web site.

Order Records

Form Number Title Use For
SF-180 Request Pertaining to Military Records Ordering copies of military records.
NA Form 14115Independent Researcher Listing Application Form | Word Version Requesting inclusion in our online listing of independent researchers.
NA 14127 Microfilm Rental Order Form | Word Version Renting microfilm.
NATF Form 36Microfilm Purchase Purchasing microfilm.
NA 14110Item Approval Form Ordering motion pictures and sound recordings.
  Request & Order Reproductions Requesting reproductions of Passenger Arrival Records, Eastern Cherokee Applications, and Compiled Military Service Records online.
OF-11 Reference Request-Federal Records Centers

Courier Version
Use By Federal Agencies Only: Requesting records or information.
VA 9957 CRS Time Sharing Request Form

ACRS Time Sharing Request Form 2
Use By Federal Agencies Only: Establishing a time sharing account.

Copies of Nixon Presidential Materials

Form Title Use For
Motion Film Order Form 16mm, 35mm, color, or black and white motion film.
Still Photograph Order Form Still photographs, aerial film, maps, and drawings.
Sound Recording Order Form Audiotapes.
Videotape Order Form Video-to video or film-to-video.


Title Use For
National Archives Applicant Background Survey Applying for a job with the National Archives.


Form Number Title/Description
Standard Form 424   Application for Federal Assistance
Standard Form 424B Assurances--Non-Construction Programs
Standard Form LLL
Certification Regarding Lobbying; Debarment, Suspension and Other
Responsibility Matters; and Drug-Free Workplace Requirements
  Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (submit only if you have engaged in lobbying activities)
  Two-page Project Summary
  Project Budget
  NHPRC Fellowships in Archival Administration &
Historical Documentary Editing Individual Application
  Historical Editing Institute Application
  Subvention Grant Guidelines

Other Grant Forms
Subvention Grants: Annual Report for First Year Sales
State Historical Records Advisory Board Member Evaluation Form | Word Version
Summary Recommendation of the State Historical Records Advisory Board Form | Word Version

Records Management (For Use By Federal Agencies Only)

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