United States Department of Veterans Affairs
United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Records Management

Privacy Act Systems of Records

Department of Veterans Affairs Privacy Act Systems of Records
As of December 18, 2008

01VA022 Current and Former Accredited Representative, Claim Agent, and Representative and Claims Agent Applicant and Rejected Applicant Records-VA
02VA135 Applicants for Employment under Title 38, USC-VA

Amended 12/08/2008

Blood Donor Information-VA
05VA026 Individual Correspondence Records-VA
06VA026 Claimant Private Relief Legislative Name Files-VA
07VA138 Department of Medicine and Surgery Engineering Employee Management Information Records-VA
08VA05 Employee Medical File System Records (Title 38)-VA
09VA05 Employee Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Complaints, Negotiated Agreement Grievances and Arbitrations-VA
10VA31 Employee Reporting System for Project Administration and Control (Data Processing Centers)-VA
11VA51 Investigation Reports of Persons Allegedly Involved in Irregularities Concerning VA Laws, Regulations, Etc.,-VA
12VA01 Individual Requests for Information from Appellate Records-VA
13VA047 Individuals Submitting Invoices-Vouchers For Payment-VA
14VA135 Individuals Serving on a Fee Basis or Without Compensation (Consultants, Attendings, Others) Personnel Records--VA
16VA026 Litigant, Tort Claimant, EEO Complainant and Third Party Recovery Files-VA
17VA26 Loan Guaranty Fee Personnel and Program Participant Records-VA
18VA05 Centralized Staffing System-VA
19VA53 Missing Veterans File-VA (See Deleted SORs)
20VA138 Motor Vehicle Operator Accident Records-VA
23VA163 Patient and Employee Infectious Disease Records (Formally known as 22VA136)-VA
24VA19 Patient Medical Records (Formally known as 24VA136)-VA
27VA047 Personnel and Accounting Pay System-VA
28VA119 Personnel Registration under Controlled Substance Act-VA
29VA11 Physician, Dentist and Supervisory Nurse Professional Standards Board Action File-VA
32VA00 Veteran, Employee and Citizen Health Care Facility Investigation Records-VA
33VA113 National Prosthetic Patient Database (NPPD)-VA
34VAl2 Veteran, Patient, Employee, and Volunteer Research and Development Project Records-VA
36VA00 Veterans and Armed Forces Personnel United States Government Life Insurance Records-VA
37VA27 VA Supervised Fiduciary/Beneficiary and General Investigative Records-VA
38VA21 Veterans and Beneficiaries Identification Records Location Subsystem-VA
39VA047 Veterans and Dependents Inactive Award Account Records-VA
40VA42 Veterans and Dependents (Living and Deceased) National Cemetery System, Correspondence and Inquiry file-VA
41VA411 Veterans and Dependents National Cemetery Gravesite Reservation Records-VA
42VA41 Veterans and Dependents National Cemetery Interment Records-VA
43VA008 Veterans, Dependents of Veterans, and VA Beneficiary Survey Records-VA
44VA01 Veterans Appellate Records System-VA
45VA21 Veterans Assistance Discharge System-VA
46VA00 Veterans, Beneficiaries and Attorneys United States Government Insurance Award Records-VA
48VA40B Veterans (Deceased) Headstone or Marker Records-VA
53VA00 Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance-VA
54VA17 Health Administration Center Civilian Health and Medical Program Records-VA
55VA26 Loan Guaranty Home, Condominium and Manufactured Home Loan Applicants Records, Specially Adapted Housing Applicant Records and Vendee Loan Applicant Records-VA
56VA119 Advisory Commission on the Future Structure of Veterans Health Care; Meeting
57VA125 Voluntary Service Records-VA
Amended 5/20/08
Amended 9/02/08
Compensation, Pension, Education, and Rehabilitation Records-VA
60VA21 Repatriated American Prisoners of War-VA
63VA05 Grievance Records-VA
64VA15 Readjustment Counseling Program (RCS) Vet Center Program-VA
65VA122 Community Placement Program-VA
66VA53 Inspector General Complaint Center Records-VA
68VA05 VA Employee Counseling Services Program Records-VA

Amended 12/08/2008

Ionizing Radiation Registry-VA
71VA53 Office of Inspector General Management Information System-VA
73VA14 Health Professional Scholarship-VA
75VA001B Administrator's Official Correspondence Records-VA
76VA05 General Personnel Records (Title 38)-VA
77VA10Q Health Care Provider Credentialing and Privileging Records-VA
78VA331 Integrated Data Communications Utility Network Management Data Base-VA (See Deleted SORs)
79VA19 Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Records-VA
81VA01 Representatives' Fee Agreement Records System-VA (See Deleted SORs)
83VA07 VA Police Badge and Training Records System-VA
84VA111K National Chaplain management Information System (NCMIS)-VA
85VA047 Chief Financial Officer and Fiscal Officer Designation and Certification Records System-VA
86VA00S1 Workers’ Compensation Occupational Safety and Health Management Information System (Formally known as 86VA058)-VA
87VA045 Automated Customer Registration System (ACRS)-VA 
88VA244 Accounts Receivable Records (Formally known as 88VA20A6)-VA
(formerly 89VA19)
Verification Records-VA
90VA194 Call Detail Records-VA
92VA045 Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)-VA
93VA131 Gulf War Registry-VA
95VA00M Center for Minority Veterans Management Information System-VA
97VA105 Consolidated Data Information System-VA
98VA104 Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System-VA
99VA13 Automated Safety Incident Surveillance and Tracking System (ASISTS)-VA
100VA10NS10 Patient Representation Program-VA
101VA05 Professional Standards Board Action and Proficiency Rating Folder (Title 38)-VA
102VA05 Agency-Initiated Personnel Actions (Title 38)-VA
103VA07B Police and Security Records-VA
105VA131 Agent Orange Registry-VA
106VA17 Compliance Records, Response, and Resolution of Reports of Persons Allegedly Involved in Compliance Violations-VA
107VA008B Program Evaluation Research Data Records-VA
108VA119 Spinal Cord Dysfunction-Registry (SCD-R) (Formally known as 108VA11S)-VA
110VA10 Employee Incentive Scholarship Program-VA
111VA95E Center for Acquisition and Material Management Education Online (CAMEO)-VA
113VA112 Telephone Care and Service Records-VA
Amended 3/12/08
The Revenue Program Billings and Collection Records-VA
115VA10 Education Debt Reduction Program-VA
116VA09 Alternate Dispute Resolution Tracking System-VA
117VA103 Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) Payroll Deduction System-VA
120VA047 National Veterans Museum Donation Records-VA
121VA19 National Patient Databases-VA
123VA00VE Center for Veterans Enterprise-VA
124VA00VE Enterprising Veterans’ Information Center (EVIC)-VA
128VA008A Shipboard Hazard and Defense Integrated Database-VA
130VA19 MyHealtheVet Administrative Records-VA
131VA047 Purchase Credit Card Program-VA
136VA19E Library Network (VALNET)-VA
140VA00REG Department of Veterans Affairs Federal Docket Management Systems (VAFDMS)-VA
144VA026 General Counsel Legal Automation Workload System (GCLAWS)-VA
145VA005Q3 Department of Veterans Affairs Personnel Security File System (VAPSFS)-VA
146VA005Q3 Department of Veterans Affairs Identity Management System (VAIDMS)-VA
147VA16 Enrollment and Eligibility Records-VA
149VA008A Non-Health Data Analysis and Projections for VA Policy and Planning-VA
150VA19 Administrative Data Repository-VA
151VA005N Inquiry Routing & Information System (IRIS)–VA
155VA16 Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)-VA