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Fuel Cells Transform Cars

Highly efficient vehicles with no polluting emissions

Capturing Carbon

Research focus to remove greenhouse gases for cleaner air

Concealed Threats in Liquids

Ground-breaking MagViz device aids faster, accurate airport screening

Preventing Nuclear War

New instruments detect nuclear detonations

Safer Soil and Water

Computer model predicts underground substance flow

World's Fastest Computer

Hybrid supercomputer propels performance to 1,000 trillion calculations per second

Curing Aids

HIV research fights pandemic that already killed 25 million people

Better Breast Cancer Detection

Safer, more comfortable and accurate tests find undetectable, highly fatal cancers

Nanolayering Improves Materials

Stronger, lighter materials increase security and efficiency

Creating Life, Saving Lives

Miniature machines repair technology and heal our bodies from within

A Mind of Its Own

RAPTOR telescope acts alone—unlocking the universe for astronomers

High-energy Laser

Trident aids astrophysics, nuclear science, and cancer treatment

ChemCam rock laser for the Mars Science Laboratory

Laser allows rover to determine rock and soil compositions on Mars.


News Home

National Security Sciences Building (NSSB)

National Security Sciences Building (NSSB), a seven-story, 275,000- square-foot facility, features an open, collaborative- rich environment for researchers that also meets strict security requirements.

LANL in the News

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  • Researchers mimic one of nature's key transport machines
    6 Jan 2009
    • To help protect its genes, a cell is highly selective about what it allows to move in and out of its nucleus. Yet that choosiness is regulated by just a thin barrier, perforated with tiny transport machines called nuclear pore complexes: protein-coated holes surrounded by flimsy, unfolded protein strands. Now, by building an artificial mimic of this membrane barrier and its pores, scientists have discovered a key to its selectivity and, in the process, have found a practical tool for drug development.
  • LANL officials see lab's mission evolving
    2 Jan 2009
    • Complex transformation may have been the buzz-phrase of the year at Los Alamos National Laboratory, but actually, the lab has never been a stranger to mission...
  • LANL probes lives of nuclear particles
    2 Jan 2009
    • Neutrinos may seem like lazy particles that hang out and do nothing all day, but shoot them through a big copper tube at near the speed of light and you could explain some of the deepest mysteries of the...
  • EYE ON RESEARCH: Professor researches worth of gold pieces
    29 Dec 2008
    • ' 1 2 ' LAS CRUCES Gold collectors, appraisers and investors could benefit from research conducted by New Mexico State University associate professor of physics Heinz Nakotte at the Los Alamos National Laboratories at the Lujan Neutron Scattering...
  • LANL shows off liquid detection system
    18 Dec 2008
    • Help for the hassled airline traveler was on display Tuesday at the Sunport in Albuquerque. One of the most popular technological hits this year for Los Alamos National Laboratory was the prospect of a detector that could dissolve an annoying security bottleneck at airports around the world, having to do with the difficulty of screening potentially dangerous liquids. A team of researchers... saw the possibility for repurposing a new kind of magnetic resonance imaging system, based on a fraction of the magnetism used in a typical hospital diagnostic instrument.
  • Los Alamos lab aims to sort out harmless liquids
    17 Dec 2008
    • Albuquerque's airport is testing new technology aimed at sorting out harmless shampoos in baggage from liquids that could potentially pose a threat aboard an airplane. Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists, who adapted technology first used for medical imaging, unveiled their prototype MagViz machine Tuesday at the Albuquerque International Sunport, where it will be tested.
  • Feds to limit nuke program's sites
    16 Dec 2008
    • Posted | | | | | WASHINGTON (AP) The Energy Department gave final approval Tuesday to a program to limit the most dangerous nuclear material to five sites, improving safety and security, and consolidating management of the country's nuclear weapons.

Strategic Science


To develop and apply science and technology to:

  • Ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent;
  • Reduce global threats; and
  • Solve other emerging national security challenges.

Year in Review 2007-2008

  • As an innovator in the world of science, technology, and engineering, our achievements focus on safety, security, environmental stewardship, nuclear deterrence, threat reduction, operations, communications, and community involvement.
  • Year in Review achievements

CMRR gets a new home

  • Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) Project aims to relocate several mission critical projects—analytical chemistry, materials characterization, and actinide research and development capabilities—to a newer facility.
  • Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) Project will relocate several mission critical projects to a newer facility.

CMRR project reviewing business sources

CMRR ProjectThe Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Facility (CMRR) Project has launched a website for informational and planning purposes, as a market research tool to determine the availability and adequacy of potential business sources before issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP). This is not a request for proposals or solicitation.

The project is seeking enclosure fabricators that can meet the Quality Assurance requirements of DOE Order 414.1C, Quality Assurance and 10CFR830, Subpart A, Nuclear Safety: Quality Assurance Requirements, using NQA-1-2000, Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications as the basis of its Quality Assurance Program. Click here for more information.
Posted 07.09.08


Products and services procured by the Laboratory

The Laboratory procures nearly $1 billion in products and services annually. This list is representative of what the Lab procures.

  • Research & Development Studies
  • Facility Construction & Architectural/ Engineering Services
  • Equipment - Maintenance & Repair
  • Support Services & Staff Augmentation
  • Mechanical/Electronic Fabrication
  • Commercial Products & Services
  • Environmental Restoration

For more information:
Small Business Office
T: (505) 667-4419
Fax: (505) 667-9819

Business Resource Guide

This guide is for New Mexico businesses and community organizations interested in identifying resources to improve their businesses or organization. The resource guide is divided into two major sections, Government Contracting and Business Resources.


United Way graphic
  • Laboratory employees pledged a record $1 million to United Way programs in Northern New Mexico and Santa Fe during the recent Giving Campaign. A dollar-for-dollar match by LANS brought the total contribution to $2 million. Read the story about United Way giving


  • Los Alamos National Laboratory is proud to be a member of the VolunteerMatch community. Visit the VolunteerMatch website and learn how you can volunteer.


Science on Wheels

  • In 2008-09, the Bradbury Science Museum returns with more free, hands-on science activities brought to your school. Each student in your classroom is an active participant in these activities using science equipment provided by the museum and guided by museum staff.
  • Bringing science to schools, Bradbury Science Museum

Math & Science Academy empowers teachers across New Mexico

  • Math & Science Academy, a teacher professional development program, focuses on standards-based education using the most recent research-based concepts and instructional strategies.
  • Emphasis is placed on assessment and data analysis, and technology is integrated at every level. Collaboration among participants is stressed.
  • The program is unique because it was developed to address comprehensively the complex and challenging issues of teaching and learning. Student achievement is increased by improving teacher practice. Read more...

Meet a LANL Grad Student

Armanda Roco was chosen for a summer internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory where she is putting her classroom studies to use by conducting biological research.

Graduate student Armanada Roco

Get Hired!

Retirees: Prepare for Open Enrollment

  • New retiree medical benefit summary chart available!
  • While your medical plan summary plan description is the best resource for detailed answers to your coverage questions, this new summary chart (pdf) provides a quick and easy guide to how your plan will pay for common expenses.

Health & Safety

  • Center of Excellence for Electrical Safety - This website provides members of the Electrical Safety Community resources on electrical safety, including standards, references, best practices, events, issues, training materials, lessons learned, and more.
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee - This committee provides awareness of biosafety activities at Los Alamos National Laboratory to the public.

GNEP Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement out

  • Public meeting in Los Alamos planned at 7 p.m. November 20 at the Hilltop House Best Western, 400 Trinity Drive in Los Alamos. The public comment period runs thru December 16th.

    Read the document for review online at: http://www.gnep.gov/peis.html

Meet Fire Expert Manny L'Esperance

  • Fire expert Manny L’Esperance, dedicated to protecting New Mexicans, says it is urgent steps are taken to prevent another disastrous fire.
  • Fire expert Manny L’Esperance, dedicated to protecting New Mexicans, says it is urgent steps are taken to prevent another disastrous fire.
  • Fire Information site

Moving Technology to Market

  • The Laboratory's Technology Transfer Division helps move technologies from the Lab to the marketplace to benefit society and the U.S. economy.
  • We do this by ensuring that Laboratory inventions receive intellectual property protection, which enables us to license Los Alamos technologies to industry and start-up companies.
  • As the Laboratory's liaison with industry, we also manage Lab-industry research partnerships and serve as the Laboratory's resource on industry relations.

Laboratory technologies capture prestigious R&D 100 awards

  • Cutting-edge innovations garnered Los Alamos researchers two of R&D Magazine’s prestigious R&D 100 Awards.
  • The awards, which will be presented October 16 in Chicago, recognize the top 100 industrial innovations worldwide in 2008.
  • Winning Laboratory projects are the 3-D Tracking Microscope and Laser-Weave technology.
Laser-weave technology wins a Research and Development Magazine award

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