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A search and rescue crew in an air boat look for residents that need help following severe flooding in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.  Patricia Brach/FEMA

Prepare Now for Spring Storms, Floods

Spring showers bring spring flowers. But heavy rainfall and melting snow can cause flooding in many areas across the country. Changing seasons also bring strong storms that can spawn dangerous tornadoes. Don’t wait until a disaster threatens your community! Check out the Disaster Area page on this Web site now for information about how you and your family can prepare for floods, tornados and other disasters. Learn how you can protect yourselves and your property.


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7, 2008--Two fourth grade buddies celebrate after receiving FEMA Disaster Action Kid certificates at Frank Del Olmo Elementary School in Los Angeles.  The two were among 64 students at the school who participated in the FEMA for Kids emerge. photo by Stuart M. George

"FEMA for Kids" Program Debuts in California Schools

Elementary school students in Southern California are becoming "Disaster Action Kids" by participating in a new disaster preparedness program developed by FEMA's wildfire recovery staff. Read More



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