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Constitution of the United States: Search Tips

Sample Searches

The following sample searches are provided as guides to searching the Constitution Analysis and Interpretation. For the sake of space, only the top three hits in each results list are included with each example below.

Subject | Multiple Subject

1. Search by Subject

Query: "due process"
Results: Constitution [14th Amendment--Rights Guaranteed...] SECTION 1. RIGHTS GUARANTEED: DUE PROCESS OF LAW
Constitution [State Provisions... Held Unconstitutional] I. STATE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS AND STATUTES
  Constitution [14th Amendment--Rights Guaranteed...] SECTION 1. RIGHTS GUARANTEED: PROCEDURAL DUE PROCESS--CIVIL

2. Search By Multiple Subject

Query: "rights" AND "freedoms"
Results: Constitution [Article III. Judicial Dept.] SEC. 2--JUDICIAL POWER AND JURISDICTION
  Constitution [1st Amendment--Religion and Expression] FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION--SPEECH AND PRESS
  Constitution [4th Amendment--Search and Seizure] SEARCH AND SEIZURE