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FEMA Publications

You can get posters and other fun things for free from FEMA. There are two ways to get FEMA publications. You can call, toll-free 1-800-480-2520 or you can write to:

P.O. Box 2012
Jessup MD 20794-2012

You cannot send E-mail requesting publications. FEMA cannot send material outside the U.S.

Here is a listing of some of the things you can order.

  • A Disaster Preparedness Activity Book (Ages 8-11) FEMA 523
  • A Disaster Preparedness Activity Book (Ages 4-7) FEMA 522
  • Brochure: Wildfire-Are you Prepared? 5-228 L203
  • Door Knob Hanger: Fire Safety. Ask for 5-0200

Some FEMA publications are available at the FEMA Online Library.

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