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A screen shot from 'Krazy Kat. Krazy Kat, Having Fashioned a Pasty Filled with an Oleaginous Amplitude of Apple ...'
Krazy Kat bakes an apple pie in this cartoon from 1935

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Krazy Kat and Other Cartoon Characters
In the 1910s and 1920s cartoon characters, often based on comic strip characters, were becoming more common. Invented by cartoonist George Herriman, Krazy Kat was one of the most popular comic strip heroes. Krazy Kat starred in animated shorts that also featured Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pupp. Krazy Kat was hopelessly in love with Ignatz Mouse, and was always happy to get any attention he could from Ignatz, even if it meant being the target of flying bricks. In this comic strip, Krazy Kat makes a pie that triggers all kinds of trouble. What cartoon characters do you think of when you hear about Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse's adventures?
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