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Let’s Work Together

The NHSC wants to help make your community healthier. We can work with your community to increase health care access for the underserved by building upon your community’s strengths and linking your community with clinicians who care.

If your community is

  • Rural or urban, serving high-need populations
  • Designated as having a shortage area for primary care, mental health, or dental health services
  • Currently employing or seeking to employ NHSC primary health care clinicians
  • Developing innovative programs to reach the medically underserved

If you are a State or regional intermediary working with communities toward similar goals...

NHSC can help!

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Is your community already working with NHSC?

How We Can Help

NHSC helps underserved communities recruit and retain dedicated clinicians to meet their residents’ health care needs. We can help your community do this by assisting in your efforts to:

  • Build community partnerships
  • Design and implement a discounted fee schedule or other means for providing affordable care
  • Maximize revenue from Federal programs such as the Rural Health Clinic and Federally Qualified Health Center Programs
  • Identify ways to support uncompensated care through other grant programs (State and/or Federal) to ensure that your site remains fiscally sound
  • Establish an integrated system of care that includes the uninsured and underinsured
  • Link with other communities and sites that have "done it"

How will your community benefit?

Working with the NHSC, your community will have the opportunity to:

  • Post vacancies and site profiles on the NHSC Web site
  • Receive referrals of clinicians seeking employment in your area
  • Develop linkages to academic institutions and other organizations and resources
  • Receive community and site development assistance
  • Network with other NHSC sites
  • Gain access to academic resources and network with State and regional organizations through the NHSC Student/Resident Experiences And Rotations in Community Health program

Some of the clinicians that we recruit are obligated to serve in community-based systems of care in return for scholarship or loan repayment support. Many NHSC clinicians remain in underserved communities after fulfilling their NHSC service commitments.

So take the next step! Call us at 1-800-221-9393


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Success Stories

Washington State

Complexity and Compassion Inspire Medical Director in Washington State

When one of his favorite patients died young from viral cardiomyopathy, Malcolm Butler, M.D., was moved to write down his thoughts in an essay.

“Jose was a friend of mine. Not the type you go out after work with, but the type that brought a smile to your face when you walked into the room,” Butler wrote. “But he had gone. It was his time. His baby had just turned two, and he had made it into the new millennium, and his 27th year.” Read more

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