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Funding Opportunities
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One purpose of the HRSA public portal is to provide the general public with a single source of program and application information related to the Agency’s competitive grant offerings. The funding opportunities listed in this section have been traditionally published in the annual HRSA Preview. It contains a description of competitive and other grants programs scheduled for awards in the current and upcoming fiscal year.

Each funding opportunity is listed in a consistent format that is easy to follow and includes various options such as ability to apply online, download guidance and request more information.

To search for a funding opportunity you can enter one or a combination of criteria. The Funding Opportunity name criteria allows for partial name search, so you can put part of the name and the system will search for all opportunities which match that particular part.


Search Funding Opportunities
Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service
Primary Health Care
Health Facilities
Health Professions
Healthcare Systems
Office of Health Information Technology
Maternal and Child Health
Office of the Administrator
Organ Transplantation
Rural Health
Special Programs
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