Interactive Training Programs

The Data Banks have created several training programs to educate reporters about the Data Banks. Designed to assist users with applying the Data Banks' policies to everyday situations and show the step-by-step processes for submitting and changing reports, the programs serve as valuable resources to users.

The programs help health care entities, State licensing boards, Federal and State agencies, State Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCU), and other eligible and registered entities better understand the reporting requirements for the Data Banks. The NPDB and HIPDB training programs address frequently asked questions, explain the reporting process, and test a user's ability to apply reporting requirements and policies to his or her respective agency. For example, animation and interactive flow charts are used to show the step-by-step processes for submitting, changing, and disputing reports. Interactive quizzes help users understand what types of actions are reportable to each Data Bank and describe more than 50 scenarios that result in reportable actions.

NPDB Interactive Training Program

Do you know what actions are reportable to the NPDB? Find out when you try the NPDB Interactive Training Program. This NPDB on-line training facility will help you learn more about the NPDB reporting process. For an interactive quiz on NPDB policy, select the "Interactive Quiz" link at the top right corner to the NPDB Training Program.

HIPDB Interactive Training Program

Test your knowledge of the HIPDB and learn more about the reportability of actions with the HIPDB Interactive Training Program. Designed to assist users with applying HIPDB policy to everyday situations, this program can serve as a valuable resource. Select the "Should I Report It?" link to determine how much you know about what actions should be reported to the HIPDB.

MFCU Interactive Training Program

The MFCU Interactive Training Program provides an overview of the HIPDB, shows the step-by-step process for submitting a Judgment or Conviction Report, and includes an interactive quiz. This training program requires a free Adobe Flash plug-in.

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