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Indian Health Service List Server Tuesday, January 13, 2009
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List Serv
  The IHS list server is a system that maintains mailboxes that receive simple e-mail messages and re-sends them to multiple recipients, or "subscribers" to the list. There are three types of lists; open, moderated, and closed. An open list allows anyone to subscribe to the list and allows non-subscribers to send messages to the list. A moderated list requires list owners, moderators, and editors who can send messages, and add, update, and remove subscribers. A closed list only allows the list owners to send messages, and add, update, and remove subscribers. All lists that are open are configured to have the list owner approve their joining of the list, but any subscriber can remove themselves from any list. No one can send a message to any list unless they are a member of that list.
  As of 1 July, 2006, all lists have been configured to have all messages sent to the site editor for review prior to being sent to the rest of the list members. This is to prevent sensitive or confidential information from being disseminated via a public email system.
  You have the ability to subscribe, unsubscribe, and send a message to any list using the Available Lists link in the side menu.
List Server Homepage vs List Serv Homepage
  There are essentially two homepages for the list server. For identification purposes, the List Server homepage is the page you are viewing now and is located on the server. The List Serv homepage lives on the actual list serv server and is located at
Available Lists
  All list properties including list owners are available to all users. Click on the name of the list to view all of its properties. This page will also allows for subscribing, unsubscribing, and sending a message to the list or list owner.
List Serv Account
  Anyone can create a list serv user account, and there are several advantages to doing so. First off, subscribing, unsubscribing, changing your email address, and changing properties for any list you are subscribed to is much easier!
For IHS Developers
  Any IHS website can use this site in the form of a function using a ColdFusion custom tag. An ASP function is in the works, too.
Search Lists
  Search for list users by entering a name or email address. If you are not sure of a spelling, use the '*' symbol on one or both sides of the entered text, but be sure to remove spaces between the '*' and the text.
Requesting a New List
  The list server is available to anyone able to subscribe to a list. However, certain criteria exists to request a new list. First, the requester must be a federal employee or contract employee with federal approval. Please download and complete the List Serv Request Form and email it the IHS List Serv Administrator (site manager link in the menu).
  For example, e-mail messages sent to "" would be delivered to all the "subscribers" of the list. If the list has a moderator, that person might screen messages before they are delivered.
Online Manuals
  The list server vendor LSoft maintains online manuals on their site.
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