Interface Control Document (ICD) Transfer Program (ITP)

The ITP is the Data Banks' legacy querying and reporting service that was an alternative to the Integrated Querying and Reporting Service (IQRS). The Data Banks’ Querying and Reporting XML Service (QRXS) is the recommended alternative to the IQRS. The QRXS offers numerous benefits over the legacy ITP service.

The QRXS is ideal for queriers and reporters who store and manage their subject data and report data their own information or credentialing systems. The QRXS helps automate query and report submission to the Data Banks and returns responses in a format that can be easily loaded into those information systems. View the Fact Sheet on the QRXS PDF Document.

  1. General ITP Information:
  2. ITP Client Resources:
  3. ITP File Format Specifications:

    Submission and response file formats are defined in the Interface Control Documents (ICD). There are separate file formats for submitting each report type, queries and PDS transactions.

  4. ITP Mailing List Registration. The ITP file format is updated periodically by the Data Banks. It is strongly recommended that users join the ITP Mailing List to receive notice of updates. The Data Banks notify users on the ITP Mailing List at least one month in advance of an update to code lists. Users should expect code lists to be updated quarterly. Additional updates to the ITP file formats are required periodically. Users will be notified six months in advance of updates to the ITP file formats. If you are already registered for the ITP Mailing List and would like to be removed, contact the Customer Service Center.

  5. ITP users are encouraged to use the sample response files to format their response data.