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All Members
Large Agencies
Small Agencies
  Departments Printer Friendly  
  Department of Agriculture
 Mr. Gilbert Smith
 Senior Procurement Executive & Acting Director, Office of Procurement and Property Management
 300 7th Street, SW
Reporters Building, Suite 302
 Washington, DC 20024
 Office Phone: 202-720-3291
  Department of Air Force
 Mr. Roger S. Correll
 Deputy Assistant Secretary (Contracting)/Assistant Secretary (Acquistion)
1060 Air Force Pentagon
 Washington, DC 20330-1060
 Office Phone: 703-588-7070
  Department of Army
 Mr. Dean Popps
 Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology)
 103 Army Pentagon
Room 2E532
 Washington, DC 20310
 Office Phone: 703-695-6154
  Department of Commerce
 Ms. Helen Hurcombe
 Senior Procurement Executive & Director of Acquistion Management
 14th Street & Constitution Avenue, NW
Room 6422
 Washington, DC 20230
 Office Phone: 202-482-4248
  Department of Defense
 Mr. Shay D. Assad
 Director, Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy
 3060 Defense Pentagon
Room 3B855
 Washington, DC 20301-3060
 Office Phone: 703-695-7145
  Department of Education
 Mr. Hugh J. Hurwitz
 Director, Contracts & Acquisition Management & Senior Procurement Executive
 550 12th Street, SW
Room 7153
 Washington, DC 20202
 Office Phone: 202-245-6289
  Department of Energy
 Mr. Edward Simpson
 Director, Office of Procurement & Assistance Management
 Office of Procurement and Assistance Management
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
 Washington, DC 20585
 Office Phone: 202-287-1385
  Department of Health & Human Services
 Mr. Martin Brown
 Deputy Assistant Secretary, Acquisition Management & Policy
 200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 328E
 Washington, DC 20201
 Office Phone: 202-690-8554
 Mr. Alan Schoenberg
 Director, Division of Acquisition Policy
 200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 329E
 Washington, DC 20210
 Office Phone: 202-690-6361
  Department of Homeland Security
 Mr. Thomas Essig
 Chief Procurement Officer
 245 Murray Lane, SW
Building 410, Room 3114-6
 Washington, DC 20528
 Office Phone: 202-447-5300
  Position Vacant
 Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
 245 Murray Lane, SW
 Washington, DC 20548
 Office Phone: 202-447-5300
  Department of Housing & Urban Development
 Mr. David R. Williamson
 Acting Senior Procurement Executive/Chief Procurement Officer
 451 7th Street SW
Room 5278
 Washington, DC 20410-0050
 Office Phone: 202-402-2338
  Department of Justice
 Mr. Michael H. Allen
 Senior Procurement Executive
 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Room 1111
 Washington, DC 20530
 Office Phone: 202-514-3101
  Department of Labor
 Mr. Edward Hugler
 Senior Procurement Executive
 200 Constitution Avenue
Room S-2203
 Washington, DC 20210
 Office Phone: 202-693-4040
  Department of State
 Mr. Corey Rindner
 Procurement Executive
 1701 North Fort Myers Drive
SA-6, Suite 603
 Arlington, VA 22209
 Office Phone: 703-516-1689
  Department of the Interior
 Ms. Debra E. Sonderman
 Director, Office of Acquisition and Property Management and Senior Procurement Executive
 1849 C Street, NW
Mail Stop 2607
 Washington, DC 20240
 Office Phone: 202-208-6352
  Department of the Treasury
 Mr. Thomas A. Sharpe, Jr.
 Senior Procurement Executive & Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer
 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20220
 Office Phone: 202-622-1039
  Department of Transportation
 Ms. Joanie F. Newhart, CPCM
 Senior Procurement Executive
 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
 Washington, DC 20590
 Office Phone: 202-366-5613
  Department of Veterans Affairs
 Mr. Jan R. Frye
 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Logistics
 810 Vermont Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20420
 Office Phone: 202-461-6920
 Mr. Glenn Haggstrom
 Executive Director Acquisition, Logistics, & Construction
 810 Vermont Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20420
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  Large Agencies Printer Friendly  
 Agency for International Development
  Ms. Maureen Shauket
 Director & Senior Procurement Executive
 Ronald Reagan Building
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20523
 Office Phone: 202-712-1201
 Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled
  Ms. Tina Ballard
 Executive Director
 1421 Jefferson Davis Highway
Jefferson Plaza II
 Arlington, VA 22202-3259
 Office Phone: 703-603-2123
 Executive Office of the President
  Ms. Althea Kireilis
 Chief Procurement & Contract Management Officer
 GSD/RDF Anacostia Naval Annex
Building 410/Door 123 (57646), 250 Murray Lane, SW
 Washington, DC 20509
 Office Phone: 202-395-7646
 General Services Administration
  Mr. David Drabkin
 Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer & Senior Procurement Executive
 1800 F Street, NW
Room 4040
 Washington, DC 20405
 Office Phone: 202-501-1043
 National Aeronautics & Space Administration
  Mr. William P. McNally
 Assistant Administrator for Procurement
 300 E Street, SW
 Washington, DC 20546
 Office Phone: 202-358-2090
 National Science Foundation
  Mr. David Elizalde
 Director, Division of Acquisition and Cooperative Support
 4201 Wilson Boulevard
Room 475
 Arlington, VA 22230
 Office Phone: 703-292-8240
 Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  Mr. Timothy F. Hagan
 Office of Administration
Mail Stop: T7-D26
 Washington, DC 20555-0001
 Office Phone: 301-415-6222
 Small Business Administration
  Position Vacant
 Director, Office of Business Operations
 409 Third Street, SW
 Washington, DC 20416
 Office Phone:
  Position Vacant
 Director, Office of Government Contracting
 409 Third Street, SW
 Washington, DC 20416
 Office Phone: 202-205-7218
 Social Security Administration
  Ms. Mary Glenn-Croft
 Chief Financial Officer
 6401 Security Boulevard
Altmeyer Building, Room 800
 Baltimore, MD 21235
 Office Phone: 410-965-2910
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  Small Agencies Printer Friendly  
 Administrative Office of the US Courts
 Mr. William Roeder
 Procurement Executive
 1 Columbus Circle, NE
 Washington, DC 20544
 Office Phone: 202-502-2319
 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
 Mr. Ralston Cox
 Director, Office of Administration
 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Room 803
 Washington, DC 20004
 Office Phone: 202-606-8528
 American Battle Monuments Commission
 Mr. Tom Sole
 Director of Engineering
 2300 Clarendon Blvd.
Courthouse Plaza II, Suite 500
 Arlington, VA 22201
 Office Phone: 703-696-6899
 Appalachian Regional Commission
 Mr. William Grant
 Interim Director, Finance & Administration
 1666 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 700
 Washington, DC 20009
 Office Phone: 202-884-7731
 Board of Broadcast Governors
 Ms. Vivian B. Gallups
 Senior Procurement Executive
 330 C Street, SW
Room 2522
 Washington, DC 20237
 Office Phone: 202-619-3448
 Christopher Columbus Foundation
 Ms. Judith Schellenberger
 Executive Director
 110 Genesee Street
Suite 390
 Auburn, NY 13021
 Office Phone: 315-258-0090
 Commission on Civil Rights
 Ms. Pamela Dunston
 Chief of Administrative Services
 624 9th Street, NW
Room 510
 Washington, DC 20425
 Office Phone: 202-376-8105
 Commodity Futures Trading Commission
 Mr. Steven Grossman
 Senior Procurement Executive
 Office of Financial Management
1155 21st Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20581
 Office Phone: 202-418-5192
 Congressional Budget Office
 Ms. Caryn Rotheim
 Chief Acquisition Officer
 Ford House Office Building, Room 406
2nd & D Street, SW
 Washington, DC 20515
 Office Phone: 202-226-9850
 Consumer Product Safety Commission
 Ms. Patricia M. Semple
 Senior Procurement Executive & Chief Acquisition Officer
 4330 East West Highway
Room 720A
 Bethesda, MD 20814
 Office Phone: 301-504-7899
 Ms. Donna Hutton
 Director of Procurement & Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer
 4330 East West Highway
Room 517
 Bethesda, MD 20814
 Office Phone: 301-504-7009
 Corporation for National & Community Service
 Mr. William Anderson
 Deputy Chief Financial Officer
 1201 New York Avenue, NW
Room 8407
 Washington, DC 20525
 Office Phone: 202-606-6980
 Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
 Mr. Jim Williams
 Associate Director, Management and Administration
 633 Indiana Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20004
 Office Phone: 202-220-5707
 Defense Contract Management Agency
 Mr. Dave Ricci
 Executive Director, Contracts
 6350 Walker Lane
 Alexandria , VA 22310
 Office Phone: 703-428-1444
 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
 Mr. Brian Grosner
 Senior Procurement Executive
 625 Indiana Avenue, NW
Suite 700
 Washington, DC 20004
 Office Phone: 202-694-7060
 Delta Regional Authority
 Mr. Fred C. Cohen
 Director of Finance & Administration
 236 Sharkey Avenue
Suite 400
 Clarksdale, MS 38614
 Office Phone: 662-624-8600
 Export/Import Bank of the US
 Mr. Mark Pitra
 Senior Procurement Executive
 811 Vermont Avenue, NW Room 1047
Office of Contracting Services
 Washington, DC 20571
 Office Phone: 202-565-3338
 Federal Communications Commission
 Ms. Wilma Mooney
 Chief of Contracting and Purchasing
 445 12th Street, SW
 Washington, DC 20554
 Office Phone: 202-418-1865
 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
 Mr. Michael J. Rubino
 Associate Director, Acquisition Services Branch
 3501 North Fairfax Drive
Room E4020
 Arlington, VA 22226
 Office Phone: 703-562-2192
 Federal Elections Commission
 Mr. Brian Duffy
 Chief Financial Officer
 999 E Street, NW
Suite 700
 Washington, DC 20463
 Office Phone: 202-694-1158
 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  Position Vacant
 Director of Procurement
 888 First Street NE
Room 4J06
 Washington, DC 20426
 Office Phone: 202-502-8302
 Federal Housing Finance Board
 Mr. David A. Lee
 Deputy Director
 1625 Eye Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20006
 Office Phone: 202-408-2514
 Federal Labor Relations Authority
 Ms. Catherine Emerson
 Executive Director
 1400 K Street, NW
4th Floor
 Washington, DC 20005
 Office Phone: 202-218-7945
 Federal Maritime Commission
 Mr. Michael Kilby
 Director of Management Services
 800 North Capitol Street, NW
Room 926
 Washington, DC 20573
 Office Phone: 202-523-5900
 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
 Mr. Sam Baumgardner
 Contracting Officer
 2100 K Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20427
 Office Phone: 202-606-8100
 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
 Ms. Lisa Boyd
 Acting Executive Director
 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Room 9500
 Washington, DC 20001
 Office Phone: 202-434-9900
 Federal Reserve Board
  Position Vacant
 Senior Associate Director
 20th & C Streets, NW
Mail Stop 152
 Washington, DC 20551-0001
 Office Phone: 202-452-2767
 Government Printing Office
 Mr. Herbert H. Jackson
 Chief, Acquisition Services
 732 North Capitol Street, SW
Room A-332, MS SVCS
 Washington, DC 20401
 Office Phone: 202-512-0937
 Institute of Museum and Library Services
  Position Vacant
 Senior Procurement Executive
 1800 M Street, NW
9th Floor
 Washington, DC 20036
 Office Phone: 202-653-4769
 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
 Ms. Steve Weiss
 Contracting Officer
 2000 K Street, NW
Suite 303
 Washington, DC 20009
 Office Phone: 202-653-6109
 Japan-US Friendship Commission
 Ms. Sylvia Dandridge
 Staff Assistant
 1201 15th Street, NW
Suite 330
 Washington, DC 20005
 Office Phone: 202-653-9800
 John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
  Position Vacant
 Senior Procurement Executive
 2700 F Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20566
 Office Phone: 202-416-8000
 Legal Services Corporation
 Mr. David Richardson
 Treasurer Controller
 3333 K Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20007
 Office Phone: 202-295-1500
 Marine Mammal Commission
 Ms. Cathy Jones
 Administrative Officer
 4340 East West Highway
Suite 905
 Bethesda, MD 20814
 Office Phone: 301-504-0087
 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
 Mr. Tim Gulley
 Contracting Specialist
 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Suite 9000
 Washington, DC 20001
 Office Phone: 202-220-3714
 Merit Systems Protection Board
 Mr. Charles Roche
 Director, Financial and Administrative Management
 1615 M Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20036
 Office Phone: 202-653-6772 x1119
 Millennium Challenge Corporation
 Mr. G. Quent Williams
 Director of Procurement
 1000 Wilson Boulevard
 Arlington, VA 22209
 Office Phone: 202-521-3600
 Morris K. Udall Foundation
 Mr. Philip Lemanski
 Chief Financial Officer
 110 S. Church Avenue
Suite 3350
 Tucson, AZ 85701
 Office Phone: 520-670-5299
 National Assessment Governing Board
 Ms. Munira Mwalimu
 Operations Officer
 800 North Capitol Street, NW
Suite 825
 Washington, DC 20002
 Office Phone: 202-357-6906
 National Capital Planning Commission
 Mr. Barry S. Socks
 Chief Operating Officer
 401 9th Street, NW
Suite 500
 Washington, DC 20004
 Office Phone: 202-482-7209
 National Commission on Libraries & Info. Science
  Vacant Position
 Director of Operations
 1800 M Street, NW
Suite 350 North Tower
 Washington, DC 20036
 Office Phone:
 National Council on Disability
 Mr. Martin Gould
 Acting Chief Executive Officer
 1331 F Street, NW
Suite 850
 Washington, DC 20004
 Office Phone: 202-272-2112
 National Credit Union Administration
 Mr. Michael J. Kole
 Senior Procurement Executive
 1775 Duke Street
 Alexandria, VA 22314-3428
 Office Phone: 703-518-6411
 National Endowment for the Arts
 Ms. Latonca Harris
 Contract Specialist/Cooperative Agreement Coordinator
 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Grants & Contracts Office, Room 618
 Washington, DC 20506-0001
 Office Phone: 202-682-5476
 National Endowment for the Humanities
 Mr. Barry Maynes
 Director of Administrative Services
 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Room 202
 Washington, DC 20506
 Office Phone: 202-606-8233
 National Gallery of Art
 Mr. Rodney Cartwright
 Senior Procurement Executive
 2000B South Club Drive
 Landover, MD 20785
 Office Phone: 202-842-6785
 National Labor Relations Board
 Ms. Gloria Joseph
 Director of Administration
 1099 14th Street, NW
Room 7100
 Washington, DC 20570
 Office Phone: 202-273-3890
 National Mediation Board
 Ms. June D.W. King
 1301 K Street, NW
Suite 250 East
 Washington, DC 20005
 Office Phone: 202-692-5010
 National Nuclear Security Administration
 Mr. David O. Boyd
 Senior Procurement Executive
 Code NA-63
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
 Washington, DC 20585
 Office Phone: 202-586-7554
 National Transportation Safety Board
 Ms. Lola A. Ward
 Director of Office Administration
 490 L'Enfant Plaza East, SW
Suite 4800
 Washington, DC 20594
 Office Phone: 202-314-6055
 Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
 Ms. Joyce M. Dory
 Director of Administration
 2300 Clarendon Boulevard
Suite 1300
 Arlington, VA 22201
 Office Phone: 703-235-4473
 Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
 Mr. Mark Kinsey
 Senior Procurement Executive
 1700 G Street, NW
3rd Floor
 Washington, DC 20552
 Office Phone: 202-414-3835
 Office of Government Ethics
 Ms. Edith Brown
 Administrative Officer
 1201 New York Avenue, NW
Suite 500
 Washington, DC 20005
 Office Phone: 202-482-9217
 Office of Navajo & Hopi Indian Relocation
 Ms. Anna L. Hernandez
 Contracting Officer
 201 East Birch
Suite 11
 Flagstaff, AZ 86001
 Office Phone: 928-779-2721 x134
 Overseas Private Investment Corporation
 Mr. Robert Campbell
 Contracting Specialist
 1100 New York Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20527
 Office Phone: 202-336-8553
 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
 Mr. Stephen Barber
 Chief Management Officer
 1200 K Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20005
 Office Phone: 202-326-4084
 Securities and Exchange Commission
 Ms. Sharon Sheehan
 Head of Contracting Agency
 6432 General Green Way
Room 1300
 Alexandria, VA 22312
 Office Phone: 202-551-7005
 Smithsonian Institution
 Mr. Robert Fraga, AIA
 Director, Office of Contracting & Personal Property Management, Office of the CFO
 PO Box 37012
CC 350 MRC 1200
 Washington, DC 20013-7012
 Office Phone: 202-633-7290
 Ms. Dottie Leffler
 Deputy Director, Office of Contracting & Personal Property Management, Office of the CFO
 PO Box 37012
CC 350 MRC 1200
 Washington, DC 20013-7012
 Office Phone: 202-633-7290
 Mr. Curtis B. Sanchez
 Associate Director for Policies and Resources, Office of Contracting & Personal Property Management, Office of the CFO
 PO Box 37012
CC 350 MRC 1200
 Washington, DC 20013-7012
 Office Phone: 202-633-7290
 Tennessee Valley Authority
 Mr. Terrell Burkhart
 Senior Vice President of Procurement
 400 Rest Summit Hill Drive
 Knoxville, TN 37902
 Office Phone: 865-632-4796
 US Access Board
 Ms. Susan R. Little
 Contracts Specialist
 1331 F Street, NW
Suite 1000
 Washington, DC 20004
 Office Phone: 202-272-0019
 US Arctic Research Commission
 Dr. John Farrell
 Executive Director
 4350 North Fairfax Drive
Suite 510
 Arlington, VA 22203
 Office Phone: 703-525-0111
 US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
 Mr. Patrick Mealy
 Director of Procurement
 1801 L Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20507
 Office Phone: 202-663-4824
 US Holocaust Memorial Museum
 Mr. James T. Brady
 Director of Procurement
 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW
 Washington, DC 20024
 Office Phone: 202-314-1782
 US Institute of Peace
 Ms. Rose Mary Heidenreich
 Contracting Officer
 1200 17th Street, NW
Suite 200
 Washington, DC 20036
 Office Phone: 202-429-1985
 US International Trade Commission
 Mrs. Deborah L. Doyle
 Chief of Procurement
 500 E Street, SW
Suite 414A
 Washington, DC 20436
 Office Phone: 202-205-2747
 US Peace Corps
 Mr. Carey Fountain
 Chief Acquisition Officer and Senior Procurement Executive
 1111 20th Street, NW
Room 4408
 Washington, DC 20527
 Office Phone: 202-692-1630
 US Postal Service
 Ms. Susan Brownell
 Vice President Supply Management
 475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW
Room 4021
 Washington, DC 20260-2600
 Office Phone: 202-268-4040
 US Postal Service Inspector General
 Mr. Ron Stith
 Assistant Inspector General for Mission Support
 1735 North Lynn Street
 Arlington, VA 22209-2020
 Office Phone: 703-248-4541
 US Railroad Retirement Board
 Mr. Henry M. Valiulis
 Director of Administration
 844 North Rush Street
 Chicago, IL 60611-2092
 Office Phone: 312-751-4520
 US Tax Court
  Position Vacant
 Director of Facilities Management
 400 2nd Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20217
 Office Phone: 202-521-4666
 US Trade and Development Agency
 Mr. Richard R. Sallee
 Chief, Contracts Office
 1000 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 1600
 Arlington, VA 22209
 Office Phone: 703-875-4195
 Valles Caldera Trust
 Ms. Debbie Boggess
 Administrative Officer
 P.O. Box 359
 Jemez Springs, NM 87025
 Office Phone: 505-661-3333
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