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  Department of Agriculture
 Mr. Gilbert Smith
 Senior Procurement Executive & Acting Director, Office of Procurement and Property Management
 300 7th Street, SW
Reporters Building, Suite 302
 Washington, DC 20024
 Office Phone: 202-720-3291
  Department of Air Force
 Mr. Roger S. Correll
 Deputy Assistant Secretary (Contracting)/Assistant Secretary (Acquistion)
1060 Air Force Pentagon
 Washington, DC 20330-1060
 Office Phone: 703-588-7070
  Department of Army
 Mr. Dean Popps
 Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology)
 103 Army Pentagon
Room 2E532
 Washington, DC 20310
 Office Phone: 703-695-6154
  Department of Commerce
 Ms. Helen Hurcombe
 Senior Procurement Executive & Director of Acquistion Management
 14th Street & Constitution Avenue, NW
Room 6422
 Washington, DC 20230
 Office Phone: 202-482-4248
  Department of Defense
 Mr. Shay D. Assad
 Director, Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy
 3060 Defense Pentagon
Room 3B855
 Washington, DC 20301-3060
 Office Phone: 703-695-7145
  Department of Education
 Mr. Hugh J. Hurwitz
 Director, Contracts & Acquisition Management & Senior Procurement Executive
 550 12th Street, SW
Room 7153
 Washington, DC 20202
 Office Phone: 202-245-6289
  Department of Energy
 Mr. Edward Simpson
 Director, Office of Procurement & Assistance Management
 Office of Procurement and Assistance Management
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
 Washington, DC 20585
 Office Phone: 202-287-1385
  Department of Health & Human Services
 Mr. Martin Brown
 Deputy Assistant Secretary, Acquisition Management & Policy
 200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 328E
 Washington, DC 20201
 Office Phone: 202-690-8554
 Mr. Alan Schoenberg
 Director, Division of Acquisition Policy
 200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 329E
 Washington, DC 20210
 Office Phone: 202-690-6361
  Department of Homeland Security
 Mr. Thomas Essig
 Chief Procurement Officer
 245 Murray Lane, SW
Building 410, Room 3114-6
 Washington, DC 20528
 Office Phone: 202-447-5300
  Position Vacant
 Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
 245 Murray Lane, SW
 Washington, DC 20548
 Office Phone: 202-447-5300
  Department of Housing & Urban Development
 Mr. David R. Williamson
 Acting Senior Procurement Executive/Chief Procurement Officer
 451 7th Street SW
Room 5278
 Washington, DC 20410-0050
 Office Phone: 202-402-2338
  Department of Justice
 Mr. Michael H. Allen
 Senior Procurement Executive
 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Room 1111
 Washington, DC 20530
 Office Phone: 202-514-3101
  Department of Labor
 Mr. Edward Hugler
 Senior Procurement Executive
 200 Constitution Avenue
Room S-2203
 Washington, DC 20210
 Office Phone: 202-693-4040
  Department of State
 Mr. Corey Rindner
 Procurement Executive
 1701 North Fort Myers Drive
SA-6, Suite 603
 Arlington, VA 22209
 Office Phone: 703-516-1689
  Department of the Interior
 Ms. Debra E. Sonderman
 Director, Office of Acquisition and Property Management and Senior Procurement Executive
 1849 C Street, NW
Mail Stop 2607
 Washington, DC 20240
 Office Phone: 202-208-6352
  Department of the Treasury
 Mr. Thomas A. Sharpe, Jr.
 Senior Procurement Executive & Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer
 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20220
 Office Phone: 202-622-1039
  Department of Transportation
 Ms. Joanie F. Newhart, CPCM
 Senior Procurement Executive
 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
 Washington, DC 20590
 Office Phone: 202-366-5613
  Department of Veterans Affairs
 Mr. Jan R. Frye
 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Logistics
 810 Vermont Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20420
 Office Phone: 202-461-6920
 Mr. Glenn Haggstrom
 Executive Director Acquisition, Logistics, & Construction
 810 Vermont Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20420
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