General Public

The NPDB-HIPDB is prohibited by law from disclosing information on a specific practitioner, provider, or supplier to a member of the general public. However, persons or entities may request information in a form that does not identify any particular entity or practitioner (see Public Use Data File). For additional information, see the Fact Sheet for the General Public PDF Document.

You may also wish to contact the State medical board to see if any licensure actions have taken place for a physician. (See NPDB Guidebook Chapter H, Information Sources PDF Document, for a list of State medical and dental boards.) Malpractice and criminal conviction information is not always available from State medical boards, but can usually be found by performing research at relevant courthouses.

Attorney Access

Attorneys are not permitted to query the HIPDB. However, a plaintiff’s attorney or a plaintiff representing himself or herself is permitted to obtain information from the NPDB under limited conditions:

Because the HIPDB does not contain information pertaining to medical malpractice payments, this Data Bank does not meet the conditions outlined above and may not be accessed by plaintiffs' attorneys.

Defense attorneys are not permitted access to the NPDB under Title IV or to the HIPDB because the defendant practitioner is permitted to self-query the Data Banks. Specific procedures for attorney requests are identified in the Fact Sheet for Attorneys PDF Document.