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State Leadership Workshops on Improving EPSDT Programs

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Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide technical assistance through State Leadership Workshops that will foster successful coordination between State MCH and Medicaid agencies regarding the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) program, with the aim of increasing the number of eligible children receiving screening, diagnosis, and necessary treatment services. EPSDT is the child health component of Medicaid. Federal statutes and regulations require that children under age 21 who are eligible for and enrolled in Medicaid are entitled to EPSDT benefits and that states must cover a broad list of prevention and treatment services. States have the responsibility for key implementation decisions, including determination of provider qualifications, payment levels, benefit definitions, and reporting requirements. How well States carry out the EPSDT requirements is important to millions of infants, children, and adolescents. Each State Leadership Workshop will be designed to increase collaboration and structure dialogue between Title V agencies and their partners on State-identified priorities in child health.

Workshop consultants

These State Leadership Workshops on EPSDT are sponsored by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. MCHB has contracted with Johnson Group Consulting, Inc. to develop and conduct these Workshops.

Target Audience

  • The core target audience for this workshop is senior leadership from State Medicaid, Title V Maternal and Child Health/Children with Special Health Care Needs Program, and State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP).
  •  Depending on the state’s priorities, Workshop invitees might include representatives from other state agencies and local public health programs, as well as children’s cabinets and legislative committees.
  •  States are encouraged to invite private sector partners, such as health care providers, managed care organizations, academic experts, families, and child health advocates to participants in the Workshop.

Workshop Objectives

Workshop participants will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Strengthen Title V and Medicaid partnerships to improve EPSDT
  • Utilize the EPSDT web module and related materials and tools.
  • Promote quality in pediatric primary care, including use of pediatric purchasing specifications to improve managed care contracts.
  • Inform and engage families.
  • Use care coordination and case management to support providers and families.
  • Monitor performance in EPSDT.

Workshop Content

Each Leadership Workshop on EPSDT and Title V Collaboration will be tailored by a State planning group and designed to foster collaboration and structure dialogue between Title V, Medicaid, and their partners. The workshops will be deliberately designed to assist state leaders in focusing on and addressing their identified challenges and priorities. Based on the MCHB-HRSA web-based module on EPSDT & Title V collaboration (, possible topics for the Workshops include:

  • EPSDT & Title V collaboration
  • Strategies for boosting state EPSDT program performance
  •  Family support through outreach, informing, and education
  •  Support for increased quality practice among pediatric primary care providers
  •  Community-based care coordination and system of care issues
  •  Performance monitoring and data

Workshop Consultants

Workshops will be led by Johnson Group Consulting. We are senior-level professionals with experience in maternal and child health policy, Medicaid/EPSDT, pediatric managed care contracting, public health management, and health services research. We have many years of experience in developing and conducting workshops for senior state officials concerned with various aspects of health care delivery and in advancing practical strategies for improving child health programs and policies.

Our primary role of will be to facilitate discussion and problem-solving among the participants in the workshops. We will provide short briefing papers, relevant written background, and/or a formal presentation at the Workshop, based on the issues identified by the States. We will offer state leaders practical knowledge and experiential learning, not lectures and theory.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of MCHB-HRSA is to

  • Sponsor the Workshops
  •  Select States that will host the Workshops.

The role of Johnson Group in co-sponsoring the workshops is to:

  • Coordinate with State leaders to develop Workshops that address each State’s specific Medicaid-EPSDT issues.
  •  Identify and pay for faculty to facilitate and provide technical assistance at the Workshop.
  •  Conduct the Workshops.
  •  Prepare materials relevant to the agenda of each Workshop.

Role of Workshop Co-Sponsors

Co-sponsors are responsible for arranging and paying for the following activities:

  • Form a planning group that includes Title V and Medicaid/EPSDT leadership.
  • Promote the workshop, including the development, printing, and mailing of the promotional materials.
  • Send invitations to participants.
  • Arranging for appropriate meeting space, audiovisual equipment, and, if desired, food and beverages.
  • Register attendees and collecting any registration fee (if desired to offset expenses).

It's Easy to Reach Us ... Here's How

You can contact us in one of these ways:

Call us at 802-482-3005

Fax us at 802-482-3008

E-mail us at

Write us at:
Johnson Group Consulting,
175 Red Pine Road
Hinesburg, VT 05461

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