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Interagency Acquisitions
Interagency Acquisitions Working Group Documents

Interagency contracts are designed to leverage the government's aggregate buying power and provide a much needed simplified method for procuring commonly used goods and services. Interagency acquisitions can save the government money by directing its purchasing power. However, for the first time in 2005, GAO federal auditors placed interagency contracting on their high-risk list because:
- More taxpayer dollars are being spent under such contracts.
- In some cases, agencies with limited procurement expertise are administering the contracts.
- Accountability is not always clearly established under such contracts.
The Interagency Contracting Working Group seeks to establish guidance to ensure the proper use and strategic development of interagency contracts. The working group will provide a support structure to help OFPP and the federal acquisition community carry out interagency acquisition actions to improve contracting results.
The Interagency Contracting Working Group further works to increase the transparency and accountability of these contracts due to (1) the growth of interagency contracting through MAS, GWACs, franchise funds, and multi-agency contracts; (2) uncertainty regarding the roles and responsibilities of assisting agencies, managers, and customers of interagency contracts; and (3) lack of accurate data, especially with respect to multi-agency contracts.

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