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Ship Online from Start to Finish

  • Plan a Shipment

    Use tools to double-check addresses, compare shipping options, and determine costs.
    • Look up zip codes
    • Compare services
    • Calculate costs
  • Order Supplies

    Head to our online store for stamps, supplies, and even free boxes delivered to your doorstep.
    • Order eco-friendly boxes
    • Stock up on supplies
  • Print Postage

    Create a Click-N-Ship account to print postage for packages and large envelopes from your computer.
    • Click-N-Ship® lets you:
      - pay for and print postage
      - add extra services
    • Print your postage
  • Request a Pickup

    A few more clicks and your carrier will know to pick up your package when your regular mail is dropped off.
    • Your mail carrier can pickup your package for no charge.
    • Request free pickup

Carousel Promotions

Inauguration Day

Remember this historic event with
our commemorative souvenir.

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Lots and Lots of Love.

From the Golden Age of the Silver Screen

Our Legends of Hollywoood series inducts Oscar-winner Bette Davis.

Ring In the Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Year of the Ox with commemorative stamps.

Add Some Magic

The Art of Disney enchants cards, letters, and even bills.

Apply for your passport. Canada or Cancun. We'll help you get set for your trip.