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Geospatial Data Warehouse

About the Data

HGDW Online Map Services

In addition to the interactive online mapping capability built into the HRSA Geospatial Data Warehouse, you can get access to the data for use in your own mapping software via an online "feature service". The feature service provides access to all of the data in the data warehouse that originate from within HRSA, plus a few additional layers such as State and County boundaries that help establish the geographic context of the HRSA-specific data.

The service is an XML-based web service that can be used to include data from the HGDW in your own custom maps that you have developed with your desktop mapping software (provided that it has the capability to access this type of service). Using the service, you can:
  • Include any HGDW data layer(s) you need in your own maps;
  • Query and filter the data by location or attribute value;
  • Add your own data attributes to the existing data;
  • Create custom feature labels

The connection information is:

  • Server:
  • Service Name: HGDW_Mapping

NOTE: the service name is case-sensitive, and must therefore be used exactly as it appears above.

There is no user ID or password required to connect to and use the service.

The links below provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the service:

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