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Document Ordering.  The online document ordering system (OEMS) is designed to allow you to order copies of certified and uncertied patent and trademark documents. Before you can order documents however, you must first have an OEMS account. When you create an account, you will be asked to provide the information for your account profile (i.e., your name, address, phone number, etc.) After your account is created, you'll need to remember your user ID and password. You'll use them to login when you return to this site to check on the status of your order, download your documents, or place additional orders.

Once you established an account, you can immediately begin ordering documents by selecting the desired document and placing it in your shopping cart. Each screen provides help to assist you in the ordering process. The available certification options, document media types, processing times, and delivery methods vary by type of document. See the Documents and Services Schedule for a listing of the documents that can be ordered online along with the associated services and fees.

Note: Only patent documents that have been published or issued are available to the general public. To order copies of unpublished documents, or other documents not listed in the schedule, please contact Customer Service.

User IDs, Passwords, and Suspended Accounts.  If you lost your password, you can try to search for your account. Contact Customer Service, if your search is unsuccessful, you lost your user ID, or your account is suspended from too many unsuccessful login attempts.

Delivery Methods.  Documents can be delivered to you as PDF files over the Internet, by fax, mail, or to your Public Service Facility (PSF) box in Arlington, VA. The delivery methods available vary by type of document. See the Documents and Services Schedule for a complete listing of delivery methods available for each type of document.

PDF files can be view or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 6 or higher. The reader is free, and can be used as browser plugin, or as a stand-alone application without a browser. View the USPTO plug-in policy and/or download the reader.

Payment.  You may pay for your order by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover), by USPTO deposit account, or by electronic fund transfer (EFT). For more information on these payment methods, visit the USPTO Office of Finance page.

Order Status.  Once an order is placed, you may login and check the status. If you requested documents to be delivered over the Internet, you will receive an email informing you when they are ready to be downloaded.

Account Changes.  You may update your account with new information whenever you find it necessary (e.g., changes to address, email, phone number, password, etc.).

Ordering an Application as Filed or File Wrapper.  To order a copy of a publicly-available patent application as filed or a patent file wrapper, go to the Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) search page and enter the number of the desired document. After the results are displayed, you may click on the Order Certified Application As Filed link or the Order Certified File Wrapper link to add the item to your shopping cart. Uncertified copies can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the Image File Wrapper tab. If the tab is not displayed (i.e., a paper document), you will be offered the option to choose an uncertified paper copy when ordering.

Ordering a Selected Paper. To order a copy of a publicly-available selected paper from a patent file wrapper, you must provide the date and title of the paper along with the patent number or pre-grant publication (PG-Pub) number of the desired document. The Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) search page allows you to view the contents of the file wrapper by clicking on the Image File Wrapper tab. If the tab is not displayed (i.e., a paper document) then view the transaction history to obtain the dates and titles of the papers.

Once you find the desired paper, record its date and title (or highlight and copy the information by clicking on Edit|Copy at the top of your browser; or press Ctrl C on your keyboard). Then, return to the online document ordering page and enter the information in the box provided (or you can paste the information previously copied by clicking on Edit|Paste at the top of your browser; or press Ctrl V on your keyboard.)

Note: Some items in the file wrapper content listing may not be available and cannot be ordered online. The Office of Public Records (OPR) will notify you if an item you ordered is not available.

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