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National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses

The Survey has been conducted approximately every four years since 1977. For each survey year, HRSA has prepared two Public Use File databases in flat ASCII file format, without delimiters.

General Public Use Files are State-based and provide information on nurses without identifying the County and Metropolitan Area in which they live or work.

County Public Use Files provide most, but not all, the same information on the nurse from the General Public Use File, and also identifies the County and Metropolitan Areas in which the nurses live or work. Information likely to point to an individual in a sparsely-populated county has been withheld.

NSSRN data are to be used for research purposes only and may not be used in any manner to identify individual respondents.

More about the National Sample Survey Public Use Files

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Year General (State) County
2004 Data & documentation 11,823 kb Data & documentation 13,525 kb
Documentation only 5,494 kb Documentation only 5,805 kb
2000 Data & documentation 4,069 kb Data & documentation 7,473 kb
Documentation only 1,426 kb Documentation only 1,464 kb
1996 Data & documentation 8,043 kb Data & documentation 9,565 kb
Documentation only 6,285 kb Documentation only 6,277 kb
1992 Data & documentation 6,070 kb Data & documentation 7,756 kb
Documentation only 4,128 kb Documentation only 4,119 kb
1988 Data & documentation 4,008 kb Data & documentation 5,756 kb
Documentation only 2,356 kb Documentation only 2,348 kb
1984 Data & documentation 3,411 kb Data & documentation 4,622 kb
Documentation only 1,616 kb Documentation only 1,622 kb
1980 Data & documentation 3,086 kb Data & documentation 3,405 kb
Documentation only 1,621 kb Documentation only 1,568 kb
1977 Data & documentation 3,326 kb Data & documentation 3,570 kb
Documentation only 2,105 kb Documentation only 2,154 kb


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