Registering With the Data Banks

Only eligible entities may query and report to the NPDB and the HIPDB.  Eligibility requirements for participation are specified in the legislation for each Data Bank. If an entity is not eligible to report or query under a given statute for either Data Bank, it may not participate in that Data Bank.

Eligible entities may choose to have outside organizations query and report on their behalf. Such outside organizations are referred to as authorized agents. If the entity decides to authorize an agent to query and report on its behalf, both the entity and the agent must be registered with the Data Banks.

Before an entity can query and report, it must first register and certify that it meets the explicit statutory requirements for participating in the NPDB, the HIPDB, or both. Practitioners, providers, or suppliers requesting information should submit a self-query.

If your entity is registering for the first time, use the appropriate form below to register with the Data Banks. Most entities should use the Entity Registration Form. The Agent Registration Form is for those entities who have no authority on their own behalf to query or report; rather they act as an agent to those entities who elect to have an outside organization query and/or report to the NPDB-HIPDB on their behalf.

Entity Registration Form Agent Registration Form

When the form has been processed successfully, the entity is assigned a Data Bank Identification Number (DBID), and may then start querying and reporting to the Data Bank(s). All entities that register must certify that they satisfy explicit statutory requirements for participation in the NPDB, the HIPDB, or both.

The enabling statutes for the NPDB and the HIPDB do not allow disclosure to the general public. The general public may not request information that identifies a particular health care practitioner, provider, or supplier; however, Annual Reports, Public Use Data File, and NPDB and HIPDB Summary Reports are available in a form that does not identify any particular entity or practitioner.

Additional Information on Registering With the Data Banks