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Welcome to Electronic Patent Filing for UNREGISTERED eFILERS
A submission has not been filed officially at the USPTO until the e-filer executes the Submit function and the documents are received at the USPTO Eastern Time. The Acknowledgement Receipt is evidence of this submission.
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Advisory (9JAN2009): January 19-20, 2009 are Federal holidays within the District of Columbia, under 35 U.S.C. 21(b) because January 19, 2009 is Martin Luther King’s birthday and January 20, 2009 is Inauguration Day. Any action or fee due on January 17-20, 2009, is to be considered timely if the action is taken, or the fee paid, on the next succeeding business day (January 21, 2009) which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal holiday. See MPEP 710.05 for more information. The Electronic Business Center (EBC) will be closed on January 19-20, 2009. See EBC Closure page . EFS-Web will be available on January 19-20, 2009.

IMPORTANT: Please read Legal Framework for using EFS-Web.

*Main Functions

(This includes new filings of continuation, divisional, and continuation-in-part applications. A request for continued examination (RCE) and continued prosecution application (CPA) are considered existing documents and must be filed as a registered eFiler.)

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Why you should consider becoming a REGISTERED eFILER

  • What is a REGISTERED eFILER?

A Registered eFILER has both an assigned Customer Number and Digital Certificate for secure access to application documents both during and after the filing of a patent application.

  • Digital Certificates provide an e-Filer with the abillity to authenticate sessions by requiring positive identification of a customer using Public Key Infrastructure technologies.
  • Holders of Digital Certificates can take advantage of streamlined logins.
  • Registered e-Filers who authenticate can save "in-progress" submissions and return to edit them prior to completing filing.
  • This ability to save "in-progress" submissions provides added protection against loss of data in the event of a localized internet or office equipment failure or in the event of an unplanned system outage during an online filing session.
  • Registered e-Filers can electronically process subsequent actions on electronically filed cases without delay.
  • Registered e-Filers can review their confidential Private PAIR records for most of their electronically filed cases.

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If you need help:
  • Call the Patent Electronic Business Center at (866) 217-9197 (toll free) or e-mail for specific questions about Patent e-Filing.
  • Send general questions about USPTO programs to the USPTO Contact Center (UCC) .
  • If you experience technical difficulties or problems with this application, please report them via e-mail to Electronic Business Support or call 1 800-786-9199.
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