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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is pleased to present TDR - Trademark Document Retrieval. Through TDR, you can view and download any or all documents contained in the electronic file wrapper of almost all pending trademark applications, as well as many registrations.

Currently, you can access almost all pending applications and all Madrid Protocol filings, and many registrations, via TDR. The USPTO is in the process of converting all remaining registrations into a digital format, so as to permit future TDR access. This conversion process is expected to take several years. Please consult the frequently asked questions for more information regarding what is available in TDR.

Downloads are converted into PDF format and may be viewed with any PDF viewer, including the free Adobe Reader.

If you need help: NOTE: Within any e-mail, please include your telephone number so we can talk to you directly, if necessary. Also, include the relevant serial number or registration number, if existing.
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