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Meet Amazing AmericansPresidents Scavenger Hunt

Your mission is to find all the pictures of the items on the Scavenger Hunt list below. All the pictures are in the Meet Amazing Americans stories and have something to do with PRESIDENTS.

List of Items To Find

A man on horseback
Hint: Look for the 26th president, who fought in the Spanish-American war with a group known as the Rough Riders.


A student's sum book
Hint: Look for the 16th president, who didn't have the benefit of much schooling and was known for being honest.


Washington on fire
Hint: Look for the third president, who was known for writing the Declaration of Independence and whose home was called Monticello.


The battle of Monongahela
Hint: Look for the first president, who fought both for and against the British.

1)  Look at the list of items to find. It's a good idea to pick one item to hunt for.

2)  As you read Meet Amazing Americans stories, look for this special marker:
What a find!

3)  When you find a marker, it means you found one of the pictures! Click on the marker to add the picture to your collection.

4)  Click the Go Hunting button to start hunting for pictures of the items.

Go Hunting

Help with Presidents Scavenger Hunt

If you want to start over from the beginning, click clear all pictures.

Note: The Presidents Scavenger Hunt uses "cookies" to keep track of the game. The "cookies" temporarily store information about the items visitors find on their Presidents Scavenger Hunt. This information is deleted when visitors end their session and is only used for the Presidents Scavenger Hunt game; it is not collected or saved.

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