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Waiting list candidates 100,485 as of 01/13/2009
Transplants January - October 2008 23,288 as of 01/09/2009
Donors January - October 2008 11,809 as of 01/09/2009
Be an Organ and Tissue Donor Reduce the Risk
  • Get Started
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Minority Donors Needed
  • Risk Factors/Organ Failure
  • Healthy Habits/Healthy Choices
  • Minority Health Issues
Donation Basics Research, Best Practices, & Legislation
  • Who Can Donate
  • Religious Views on Donation
  • What Can Be Donated
  • Types of Donation
  • Grant Activities
  • Breakthrough Collaborative
  • Research
  • Policies/Guidelines/Legislation/History
Transplantation Basics Get Involved
  • Matching Donors to Recipients
  • Transplant Resources
  • Financial Resources
  • Life After Transplantation
  • Materials and Resources
  • National Events
  • Workplace Partnership
  • Organ Procurement Organizations
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