Acquisition Career Managers (ACMs)

This page features resources for ACMs. Find information about the Interagency Acquisition Career Management Committee (IACMC) meetings, about ACMIS, and about the Acquisition Certifications Programs and how to support your agency's acquisition personnel in meeting the requirements for certification.

ACMs are responsible for ensuring that the agency's acquisition workforce meets the requirements of Policy Letter 05-01, which established a governmentwide framework for creating a federal acquisition workforce.

Who are the ACMs?

Policies and Legislation
Policies and legislation related to FAI and the acquisition workforce.

Competencies are the measurable patterns of knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics that an individual needs to successfully perform work roles or occupational functions.

Workforce Competencies Survey and Reports
This survey, last given in 2007, is intended to establish a baseline report of the competencies of the Federal Contracting Workforce, to determine the areas where resources should be concentrated to improve or maintain essential contracting skills, and to identify centers of excellence for contracting skills.

Acquisition Workforce Strategic Human Capital Plan Model (PDF 2.4MB)
The Acquisition Workforce Human Capital Plan addresses the strategic management of the acquisition workforce in the Agency.

Acquisition Career Management Information System (ACMIS)
ACMIS is a governmentwide system, developed and managed by the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI), to assist agencies in making informed budgeting, staffing, training, and employment development decisions.

Interagency Acquisition Career Management Committee (IACMC)
The IACMC comprises ACMs and meets periodically to discuss topics and issues related to developing acquisition professionals, to promote career management programs for the acquisition workforce, and to help FAI identify training and educational needs of the acquisition community.

  • Community of Practice
    The Community of Practice (CoP) is an intranet site used for knowledge sharing. This site houses many groups including the Interagency Acquisition Career Management Committee (IACMC), which uses the CoP to share best practices, concerns, and other important issues among agencies. Also available on the CoP are toolkits, meeting notices, and other information ACMs need to do their jobs.

Career Management