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Access Grant
Basic privilege to access an organzation's grant. This is granted when a user's request to add the grant to portfolio is approved. All grant level privileges are dependent on this.

See also: Administer Grant Users, Deliverable Coming up Days, Deliverable Reporting Cycle, Deliverable Schedule Status, Deliverable Type , Edit Noncompeting Continuations, Edit Other Reports, Edit Performance Report, Edit Progress Report, Submit Noncompeting Continuations, Submit Other Reports, Submit Performance Report, Submit Progress Report, View Awards, View Noncompeting Continuations, View Other Reports, View Performance Report, View Progress Report
Activity Code
A three digit unique identifier for a program within HRSA. Example: H80, A10.

See also: Program Name
Administer Grant Users
Privilege that determines if a user can approve/disapprove other user requests to add grant to portfolio and administer privileges of other users who have the grant in their portfolio.

See also: Access Grant
Announcement Code
Three to five character unique identifier for each program funded by HRSA. This code is included in the HRSA Preview and is used for communication while requesting application materials.

See also: Announcement Number
Announcement Number
Announcement Number is used to uniquely identify each announcement in the system. This number appears in the HRSA Preview for competitive funding opportunities and is used by applicants for communication with HRSA such as requesting application materials.

For competitive funding opportunities the format is: HRSA-FY-NNN; FY - two digit fiscal year, NNN- sequential number padded with leading zero's. For example HRSA-04-001.

For noncompetitive funding opportunities the format is: 5-XXX-FY-NNN; 5 - indicates noncompetitive, XXX - 3 digit activity code, FY - two digit fiscal year, NNN - sequential number padded with leading zero's. Resets for each activity code. For example, 5-H80-05-001.

See also: Announcement Code
Applicant Identifier
Applicant Idenfitier is a field on FORM PHS-5161-1 cover page. This field can be used by applicants to enter an internal locator number or name. HRSA does not use this field for any internal processing.

See also: Federal Identifier
Application Available Date
Date on which application guidance is expected to be released. Applications can only be submitted electronically if the application available date has elapsed.

Application Package
Set of forms required to be completed as a part of the application process. Currently the system supports four OMB approved standard forms for sevice, training and research programs. They are 5161, 6025, 398 and 2590.

Application Tracking Number
A system generated sequential number to identify each application.

Archive Date
The date on which the funding opportunity is archived. Usually it is 90 days after the application deadline date. After the archive date has elapsed, the funding opportunity is not shown in the results unless explicitly requested.

Authorizing Official (AO)
Functional role for external organization users.