About FAI

Established in 1976 under the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act, the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) has been charged with fostering and promoting the development of a federal acquisition workforce. FAI facilitates and promotes career development and strategic human capital management for the acquisition workforce.

FAI coordinates with organizations such as the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Chief Acquisition Officer Council, and the Interagency Acquisition Career Management Council to develop and implement strategies to meet the needs of the current and future acquisition workforce. In conjunction with its partners, FAI seeks to ensure availability of exceptional training, provide compelling research, promote professionalism, and improve acquisition workforce management.

FAI Leadership
Read about FAI's Director and Board of Directors.

Listen to or read FAI's February 14, 2008 Senate testimony on "Building and Strengthening the Federal Acquisition Workforce"

Leading the Way
FAI serves federal acquisition professionals worldwide, supporting an efficient and effective workforce. With more than 30 years as a resource to the Federal Government, FAI continues at the forefront of workforce certification and continuous professional development.

Education, Research and More
FAI supports more than 50 comprehensive training courses in traditional and distance settings that range from the entry-level "Shaping Smart Business Arrangements" to team training such as "Performance Based Acquisition" and focused topics on "Risk Management" and "Earned Value Management" to prepare men and women for leadership in the acquisition workforce in which they serve.

Our Mission
FAI fosters and promotes the development of a professional acquisition workforce and is responsible for performing a wide range of activities supporting management of the acquisition workforce.

FAI's priorities are to:

  • Establish general performance measures for assessing agency acquisition workforce development programs
  • Support the identification, development and maintenance of core acquisition workforce competencies
  • Establish career development programs to assist the workforce in competency and skill development
  • Establish and administer federal acquisition certification programs
  • Manage the Acquisition Workforce Training Fund (AWTF)

Our Vision

FAI seeks to:

  • Ensure availability of exceptional training
  • Provide compelling research
  • Promote professionalism
  • Improve acquisition workforce management

What We Do

FAI works to improve federal acquisition by:

  • Developing and evaluating instructional material and performance tools for acquisition personnel and facilitating interagency intern and training programs
  • Identifying the competencies that support successful performance and the development of business leaders
  • Promoting and coordinating governmentwide research and studies to improve the acquisition process
  • Helping agencies identify and recruit highly qualified candidates for acquisition jobs

FAI Partnerships
As a central resource for federal acquisition professional development and certification, career guidance, and current industry information and emerging trends, FAI is committed to forging partnerships with government, private, and public-sector entities, as well as educational institutions.