Certification and Career Development Programs

Federal certification programs are designed to establish consistent competencies and standards for those performing acquisition-related work in civilian agencies. Certifications are federal standards recognized across agencies but do not guarantee assignment or advancement.

  • Contracting (FAC-C)
    This certification program outlines the training, education and experience requirements necessary for contracting professionals to be certified. Specialty Areas include:
    • Architectural and Engineering Contracting
      This Career Development Guide outlines the education, experience, and competency proficiency required to acquire and manage Architectural and Engineering services and projects.
    • Emergency Response and Recovery Contracting
      Contracting professionals, GS-1102s or others performing similar functions, are asked to join the Supplemental Emergency Contracting Cadre and increase the number of contracting professionals that will assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other agencies in responding to national emergencies and disaster.
  • Program and Project Management (FAC-P/PM)
    This certification program establishes the necessary competencies, training, and experience requirements for program and project managers in civilian agencies to become certified to manage the acquisition-related aspects of projects.
  • Contracting Officer Technical Representative (FAC-COTR)
    This program prepares individuals to be certified as Contracting Officer Technical Representatives and to act for the Contracting Officer in administering a contract on a daily basis.