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The HIV/AIDS Program: Legislation

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-415, December 19, 2006) provides the Federal HIV/AIDS programs in the Public Health Service (PHS) Act under Title XXVI flexibility to respond effectively to the changing epidemic.

The new law changed how Ryan White funds can be used, with an emphasis on providing life-saving and life-extending services for people living with HIV/AIDS across this country. Key changes in the most recent legislation included:

  • New method for determining eligibility for Part A (formerly called Title I) funds gives priority to urban areas with the highest number of people living with AIDS while also helping mid-size cities and areas with emerging needs.
  • New method for distributing Part A funds directs money to metropolitan areas with the highest number of people who are HIV-positive. It also encourages outreach and testing, which will get people into treatment sooner and save more lives.
  • More money will be spent on direct health care for Ryan White clients. Under the new law, grantees receiving funds under Parts A, B, and C (formerly called Titles I, II and III) must spend at least 75 percent of funds on “core medical services.”
  • The new law recognizes that HIV/AIDS has had a devastating impact on racial/ethnic minorities in the U.S. African Americans accounted for 49 percent of all HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed in 2005. The new law codifies the Minority AIDS Initiative for HRSA's Ryan White programs.

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