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FY 2009 Budget Justification

Public Health Improvements (Facilities and Other Projects)

  FY 2007 Actual FY 2008 Enacted FY 2009 Estimate FY 2009 +/-FY 2008
BA --- $304,475,000 --- -$304,475,000
FTE --- 8 --- -8

Authorizing Legislation: Title II of Public Law 110-161

FY 2009 Authorization Expired
Allocation Method Non-Competitive Grants

Program Description and Accomplishments
The Omnibus Appropriation for FY 2008 appropriated unrequested funds for noncompetitive grant awards to be used for facility construction and renovation, equipment acquisition, development and improvements of electronic medical information systems, patient care services, and provider training. Congressional direction of these funds in report language circumvents merit-based competitive allocation processes.

Over the past 10 years HRSA has awarded over 3,000 earmarks. Many ongoing oversight controls remain in effect and have to be monitored long after awarding of the earmark. The Federal interest in properties over $500,000 continues in perpetuity or such time that property use changes or is disposed of with appropriate compensation to the Government. In some cases, oversight is perpetual. This is an ongoing requirement that HRSA must monitor. Recipients of HRSA grants are required to submit progress reports and financial reports to HRSA, as directed. Even after the awarding of an earmark, HRSA staff performs site visits on projects receiving the largest grant amounts.

Funding includes costs associated with grant reviews, processing of grants through the Grants Administration Tracking and Evaluation System (GATES) and HRSA’s electronic handbook, and follow-up performance reviews.

Funding History

FY 2004 $371,536,000
FY 2005 $482,729,000
FY 2006 $ ---
FY 2007 $ ---
FY 2008 $304,475,000

Budget Request

The FY 2009 Request does not include funds for Public Health Improvements. The President's budget supports funding in HRSA that is distributed on a competitive basis based on merit. These earmarks divert funding from other higher priority programs, circumvent competitive processes, and divert people and associated financial resources from the Agency’s core mission activities.