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National Health Services Corps

About NHSC

America's Health Care Hereos

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is committed to improving the health of the Nation's underserved.

35 Years of Excellence: Access Today for Healthier Communities Tomorrow

Who We Are
A unique group of dedicated and caring clinicians providing primary health care to adults and children in the communities of greatest need across the Nation.

What We Do
The National Health Service Corps is committed to improving the health of the Nation's underserved. We unite communities in need with caring health professionals and support their efforts to build better systems of care.

How We Do It
Recruiting and retaining the right health professionals to deliver health care in underserved communities often involves developing and preparing sites and communities, and looking for innovative solutions.

Why We Are Here
Approximately 50 million people live in communities without access to primary health care. At NHSC, we are working to change this by helping medically underserved communities recruit and retain primary care clinicians, including dental and mental and behavioral health professionals, to serve in their community.

Where We Are
The NHSC strives to make the connection between your commitment to practice primary care the way you believe is best and the community that most needs you. These health professional shortage areas are nestled throughout the United States, from Washington State's Apple Country to the streets of Baltimore. Whether at rural or urban sites, NHSC clinicians describe meaningful experiences with the communities they serve.

National Advisory Council on the National Health Service Corps
The National Advisory Council (NAC) on the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is a body of clinicians and health care administrators who possess knowledge of underserved communities and health care implementation and improvement. This cadre of health care experts can serve as a ‘frontline’ source of information to NHSC senior level management. NAC is committed to effectively implementing its mandate to advise the Secretary and, by designation, the Administrator, Health Resources and Services Administration.

More than 27,000 health professionals have served with NHSC since 1972. Current field strength totals more than 4,000 clinicians/health care professionals whose careers are influencing the outcomes of underserved populations and communities. Many of these clinicians have remained in service after fulfilling their initial NHSC commitments.

Success Stories
The communities we serve are as widespread and varied as the landscape of our Nation. Our clinicians work in mountain villages, bustling cities, desert townships, and along waterfronts. Each community is unique, and each has its own story to tell. Here are just a few.

Contact Us
Questions, comments? Contact us.

Success Stories


NHSC Scholar Helps Patients Manage Diabetes

Dana Green, a certified physician assistant (PA-C) and National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholar, arrived in the remote rural community of Van Buren, Maine, and launched a personal crusade to educate underserved populations and their caregivers about diabetes. Four years and many success stories later, Green is now recognized nationally and locally as a leading researcher on the standards of diabetes care.

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