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Login to the PGA Resource Center (pdf - 5 KB.)

Access ACE Training (pdf - 6 KB.)

ACE Access Application (pdf - 7 KB.)

Retrieve Your ACE Password If You Are Locked Out, or Have Forgotten Your Password (pdf - 4 KB.)

ITDS features

Reports Migration Information Notice (pdf - 80 KB.)

Between January 19 and January 24, 2009, Account Management, Authorized Data Extract and Transactions reports will remain “static.” No nightly updates will occur. Data will be complete on January 25, 2009.

Portal Changes of ESAR A2.1 and M1 (pdf - 98 KB.)

Effective January 24, 2009, CBP will be deploying enhanced ACE capabilities within the A2.1 release. The A2.1 release will lay the groundwork for the future Ocean and Rail Manifest release (M1) scheduled for the spring of 2009.

Account Management Report Issue
CBP has identified an issue with the nightly updating of Account Management Reports. Account Management reports are not returning data after December 30, 2008. Account Revenue reports are NOT impacted by this issue. The issue is currently being addressed and every effort will be made to update reports data as quickly as possible.

ACE PGA Ambassador Spotlight: Cornelia Mueller (pdf - 80 KB.)

Cornelia Mueller, an agriculturalist for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, was the impetus for a program to raise awareness among the International Trade Data System’s participating government agency ambassadors regarding the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Automated Commercial Environment.

October 2008 ITDS Report to Congress (pdf - 2,095 KB.)

PGA Functional Participation (pdf - 107 KB.)

What is ITDS?
The ITDS program supports the Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) contributing to the development of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). The ITDS program assists these agencies in identifying, documenting, and executing their plan to leverage ACE to improve business operations and further agency missions.

What is ACE?
ACE automates and consolidates border processing and is the centralized access point that connects CBP, the trade community, and other government agencies.

A Quick Look at ACE Drops
New ACE functionality is released to PGAs in phases called "drops." The documents describe, in simple terms, four future ACE drops.

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