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on Rural Health and Human Services

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The National Advisory Committee
on Rural Health and Human Services


What is it?
The National Advisory Committee
on Rural Health and Human Services is a 21-member board that advises the Secretary of Health and Human Services on issues concerning the provision and financing of health care services in rural areas.

Who is it?
The Committee is made up of rural physicians, nurses, educators, researchers, hospital and clinic administrators, human services and policy experts. The Chair of the Committee is former South Carolina David Beasley. The Committee was established in 1987 at the same time as the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and serves as a voice within the Department for rural health.

What does it do?
The Committee studies and makes recommendations on issues affecting health and human services in rural areas such as shortages of providers, limited access to services and the financial viability of struggling rural health and human services systems. Each year the Committee produces a report on key rural issues that includes recommendations to the Secretary.

When does it meet?
The Committee meets three times a year, once in Washington, D.C. and twice in the field, usually in the home state of one of the committee members.

How long are the terms?
Committee members serve overlapping four-year terms.

How do you get on the committee?
Committee members must be nominated through the Office of Rural Health Policy, which staffs the Committee. The nominations are then reviewed and submitted to the Department and the Secretary makes the final appointment.