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We welcome your comments on our draft policy. Comments that you send us help inform our decisions and policies concerning our service to you. Once we receive your comments, we will consider them carefully. Public comments become a permanent part of the case file, and may be available for public review.

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Currently Open for Public Comment:


Currently, there are no regulations open for public comment.

Records Schedule Notices
Records schedules provide mandatory instructions on what happens to records when they are no longer needed for current Government business.

  • 12/4/08 Notice published on page 73959.
  • 12/22/08 Notice published on page 78396.

Information Collections
Notices on proposed information collections (e.g., forms and surveys completed by nonfederal entities and individuals) describe the collection, how we will use the information, and our estimate of the reporting burden to respondents.

  • 11/20/08 Notice published on page 70383.

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