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A Resource Guide for Providing Palliative Care Services Through the Ryan White CARE Act

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This resource guide provides a starting point for Ryan White CARE Act Grantees to develop and integrate palliative care services into existing services. It discusses how to organize and finance palliative care services, Government policies supporting these services, how to plan for palliative care services, provider education and training, necessary drug treatments for palliative care interventions, and measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the services. The guide contains figures, tables, resources, and references.

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Inventory Code: HAB00379
Year: 2005
Language: English
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Length: 20 pp.
Audience: Professionals
Publication Type: Guide
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Palliative Care in Resource-Constrained Settings for People Living with HIV/AIDS and Other Life-Threatening Illnesses


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