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22 charged with massive international visa scheme

A 74-count indictment alleges a conspiracy involving visa and asylum fraud, marriage fraud, making fraudulent statements under oath, and the filing of fraudulent documents for hundreds of aliens.

Canadian trucker pleads guilty to drug smuggling

An ICE-led investigation in British Columbia led to the arrest and subsequent guilty plea of a trucking company owner involved in a large-scale drug smuggling operation.

Human Rights Violator sentenced 97 years in prison

ICE investigation results in conviction of Emmanuel "Chucky Taylor" Charles McArthur who tortured victims in Liberia. He is the first person convicted under torture statute.

ICE, CBP increase seizures of counterfeit goods

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced today fiscal year 2008 seizures totaled more than $272.7 million in counterfeit and pirated goods.

ICE investigation leads to weapons-smuggling charges

Men face weapons-smuggling charges for 11 AK-47 assault rifles among firearms, ammunition suspected to be smuggled into Mexico.

ICE deports man wanted for 2 murders in Mexico

ICE deports a Houston gang member that Mexican officials believe was involved in a double murder.

President Bush signs Human Trafficking Bill

Acting ICE Assistant Secretary John Torres visits White House to witness President Bush sign the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act to combat Human Trafficking.

Pakistani national received 7.5 year sentence

Sahi Sarwar, was sentenced to prison for willfully failing or refusing to make a timely application in good faith for travel document (passport) necessary for departure as required by detention & removal operations.

Record $20.7 million settlement from IFCO Systems

One of the largest worksite enforcement operations conducted by ICE, IFCO of Houston, Texas agrees to pay record $20.7 million in civil forfeitures and penalties for employing illegal alien workers.

Child predator, ex-fugitive sentenced to 50 years

Kenneth Freeman, a former international fugitive featured on ICE’s “most wanted” list, at his sentencing on federal child pornography and state child rape charges.

ICE seizes dangerous holiday lights, harmful toys

ICE seizes over $6 million in harmful items at ports of entry. Dangerous holiday lights and children’s toys top list of products.

ICE arrests gang member wanted for murder

Member of the “Houstone” street gang accused of murdering two women in March 2008.

Operation Joint Hammer targets child pornographers

Global enforcement effort highlights increased law enforcement cooperation between United States and European Union.

Four sentenced for document and identity fraud

Four men received prison sentences in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia in Harrisonburg for their role in the illegal procurement and sale of authentic identity cards.

ICE seizes $500,000 worth of counterfeit goods

More than $500,000 worth of counterfeit Nike, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren products seized in Charleston following ICE-led investigation.

Please revise title on first photo to: ICE targets smuggling at nation's seaport

The nation’s first seaport BEST probes a wide array of maritime crime. The task force teams officers from nine agencies to target smuggling and other criminal activity in the nation’s busiest seaport.

High-powered weapons seized by the LA BEST

Assault rifles and other high-powered weapons that were destined for Mexico before being seized by the LA BEST.

Six arrested for smuggling African elephant ivory

Illegally imported ivory was disguised as wooden snakes, guitars and statues to avoid detection.

ICE returns stolen antiquities to Egypt

Egyptian consulate in New York received artifacts taken from a Cairo museum in 2002.

"BEST" team arrests three allegedly linked to drowning death

Three members of an alien smuggling organization, who are allegedly linked to the drowning death of an illegal alien, were arrested by ICE's Border Enforcement Security Task force (BEST) in El Paso.

ICE Recovers Hitler’s gold bookmark

Gold bookmark that once belonged to Adolph Hitler recovered by ICE Bookmark stolen from Spanish auction house in 2002.

Agriprocessors and management criminally indicted

Agriprocessors Inc., its former CEO, 3 company managers and a company HR employee were all charged Nov. 21 with federal immigration crimes in a 12-count indictment. Two of those indicted are still at large: Hosam Amar and Zeev Levi.

Child predator sentenced 15 years

Bay Area mortgage finance expert sentenced to 15 years for producing child pornography. Leonard Auerbach engaged in child sex tourism from 2004 to 2007.

Action on illegal Internet pharmaceuticals

The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center partners seized illegal pharmaceuticals at international mail facilities in four U.S. cities as part of a global Day of Action coordinated by INTERPOL.

North Carolina receives technology to identify criminal aliens

Departments of Homeland Security and Justice providing more identity information to local officers about non-U.S. citizen criminal arrests.

ICE cuts ribbon on new headquarters building

DHS Deputy Secretary Paul Schneider and ICE Assistant Secretary Julie Myers cut the ribbon on the new Potomac Center North headquarters building for ICE.

Mother, son arrested for alleged investment scheme

ICE special agents escort Elias Jacob Muñoz III on Friday after his arrest on fraud charges. Arrested on Halloween, Munoz was in costume as an Eagle Scout.

ICE initiated investigation leads to conviction of Roy Belfast, Jr. (aka Chuckie Taylor) on torture charges

ICE initiated investigation leads to conviction of Roy Belfast, Jr. (aka Chuckie Taylor) on torture charges

New technology helps identify criminal aliens

First of several sites linked to both criminal and immigration databases

ICE and CBP seize 450 kilograms of cocaine in Puerto Rico with a street value of $13.5 million

Six Dominican nationals arrested in connection with the seizure

ICE multifaceted strategy leads to record enforcement results

ICE multifaceted strategy leads to record enforcement results

29 indicted in ICE racketeering probe targeting MS-13

ICE undercover investigation links Bay Area gang members to murder, drug and weapons trafficking.

6 indicted for counterfeit trafficking

ICE investigation leads to federal grand jury indictment each facing up to 10 years and $2 million fine

331 Arrested by ICE agents during search of South Carolina poultry processing plant

Special agents executed federal criminal search warrant at Columbia Farms resulting in criminal charges against supervisors and human resources manager.

3 Indian men found guilty: 148 pounds of cocaine

$1.5 million dollars of cocaine branded with the “S” symbol for Singh, a major Indian drug cartel.

ICE arrests more than 1,700 gang members

Four-month long nationwide Operation Community Shield initiative takes dangerous criminals off the street.

ICE seizes 1930 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of approximately $58 million

ICE agents working jointly with other Caribbean Corridor Initiative officers seize 1930 kilograms of cocaine in Puerto Rico with a street value of $58 million.

ICE arrests over 1,000 in California

Three-week enforcement surge results 1,157 arrests for immigration violators throughout the state

Fee structure changes student and exchange visitors

New fee structure for certain schools and international students and exchange visitors within the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) strengthens operations.

ICE Most Wanted captured in Los Angeles

Maribel Rodriguez-Vasquez, a 28-year-old Guatemalan, was wanted for her alleged role in a sex trafficking ring that smuggled young Central American women into the U.S and forced to work as prostitutes.

ICE seizes 3 tons of marijuana valued at $12 million

Two-year-old Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) K-9, Kiara, made her first big seizure.

ICE returns more than 1,000 artifacts to Iraq

Iraq Embassy receives a cache of significant cultural items illegally imported to U.S.

ICE announces enhanced standards for detainees

New performance based standards improve the safety, care, and well being of every of immigration detainee held in ICE detention facilities.

ICE arrests 23 illegal workers

Enforcement action at Arcata flower grower, The Sun Valley Group, is part of ongoing ICE investigation.

ICE arrests 595 at Mississippi plant

Charges include aggravated identity theft, fraudulent use of Social Security numbers, and individuals illegally in the United States.

Key suspect in massacre returned to Mexico

Fugitive alien was wanted for the execution-style slaying of 19 people, including five children, in 1998.

Counterfeit toothpaste traffickers pleaded guilty

Two individuals and two corporations pleaded guilty to charges of trafficking in more than half a million tubes of counterfeit and tainted Colgate toothpaste.

Feds bust child pornography ring

55 charged in multi-agency agency probe targeting use of peer-to-peer networks to exchange child pornography.

106 immigration violators returned to Southeast Asia

ICE coordinated the flight that returned 49 Filipinos, 44 Indonesians, and 13 Cambodians to their respective countries.

ICE dismantles counterfeit document mill

Five Southern California men face federal charges for selling counterfeit identity and immigration documents out of video store.

42 illegal workers arrested at Dulles

ICE agents make arrests at Dulles International Airport as part of a critical infrastructure protection (CIP) operation.

ICE arrests 57 illegal alien employees

North Carolina defense contractor responsible for manufacturing U.S. military parachutes.

New ICE program gives non-criminal fugitive aliens opportunity to avoid arrest and detention

New ICE program gives non-criminal fugitive aliens opportunity to avoid arrest and detention.

ICE and Puerto Rico Department of Correction and Rehabilitation partner to remove criminal aliens and save tax payers millions of dollars

ICE and Puerto Rico Department of Correction and Rehabilitation partner to remove criminal aliens and save tax payers millions of dollars.

ICE arrests woman selling fake Botox to doctors

Los Angeles woman arrested after allegedly selling Human Growth Hormone and counterfeit Botox over the Internet.

Monet paintings: French national pleads guilty

French national pleads guilty to international stolen art conspiracy involving paintings by Monet, Sisley, and Brueghel.

Airport Worker Sentenced for Smuggling

Former O’Hare Airport worker sentenced to 2 years in prison for illegally exporting cash and military items.

ICE Participates in Dedication and Open House

ICE partners with Departments of Justice, Commerce, Health & Human Services, Postal Inspection, private industry, and law enforcement communities to help protect Intellectual Property Rights.

1,500 BC Artifacts Returned to Colombia

66 pre-Columbian artifacts, some over 3,000 years old, were seized by ICE and returned home to Colombia.

ICE and PRPD seize $6 million worth of cocaine

ICE special agents, working with Puerto Rico Police Department's Joint Forces for Rapid Action, found more than 261 kilograms of cocaine.

Chinese drug counterfeiter guilty

The owner of Pacific Orient International Ltd. was convicted of trafficking in counterfeit goods and trafficking in counterfeit pharmaceuticals in Houston.

Agriprocessors 'supervisors' arrested

Two alleged supervisors at the Agriprocessors Inc. plant in Postville, Iowa, were arrested on various criminal immigration and fraudulent identity charges.

$2M in Ecstasy seized

Canadian faces charges in smuggling Ecstasy in exchange for cocaine.

5 Houston employers charged

A criminal complaint charged the owner and managers of Action Rags USA, a Houston exporter and grader of used clothing, with conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens.

Charged in Exports to Iran

ICE arrests two munitions dealers charged with conspiring to export military aircraft parts to Iran.

New 287 (g) training unit opens

ICE opens its new 287 (g) training unit with 37 deputies and officers representing eight law enforcement departments at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, S.C.

Most Wanted’ predator suspect caught

A mortgage finance expert from the San Francisco area, who fled the country two months ago rather than face child sex tourism charges, was expelled by Cuba.

Alleged Hell's Angels drug ring

Two Canadian men who allegedly ran a cross-border cocaine and marijuana smuggling scheme for the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang were arrested, capping a three-year undercover investigation.

Mexican trade transparency unit

Julie L. Myers, assistant secretary for ICE, and Juan Jose Bravo Moisés, administrator general for Mexico customs, launch new Trade Transparency Unit in Mexico City.

DHS team arrests drug suspect off P.R.

ICE, working jointly with Caribbean Border Interagency Group seizes approximately 567 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of more than $17 million.

Trans-border effort aims at guns

ICE Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers announces Operation Armas Cruzadas, a U.S.-Mexican effort to identify and disrupt trans-border weapons smuggling.

Wanted in visa fraud scheme

Dory Ocampo, 36, a recruiter for an L.A. employment agency, may have fled the country after her indictment in filing fraudulent visa petitions and collecting the fees from prospective Filipino workers.

Ring smuggled Mexican prescription drugs

Multi-agency probe found El Paso-based network distributed throughout U.S.

Six-state push in fugitive arrests

More than 1,800 criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, and immigration violators were arrested across the nation in May.

Mexican smuggler gets 20 years

Mexican smuggler Rufino Valdez-Lopez found guilty in Phoenix of violent smuggling-related hostage incident.

Ex-Marine guilty in sex tourism

Retired Marine Corps Captain Michael Pepe, who traveled to Cambodia to have sex with minors, is convicted on seven felony counts in Los Angeles.

ICE and CBP coordinate with Israeli Customs to combat bulk cash smuggling

Coordinated law enforcement effort results in an arrest and two seizures in the United States and 14 seizures in Israel, totalling nearly $500,000 in cash, negotiable checks, gold and diamonds.

ICE agents dismantle money laundering organization

Agents arrest ten for laundering more than $9 million in three years through the Black Market Peso Exchange, a decades-old money laundering infrastructure believed to handle billions worth of illicit dollars annually.

More than 325 arrests in Los Angeles

Three week long, state-wide fugitive operation enforcement effort nets more than 900 arrests in California.

306 criminally charged in Iowa

306 workers of those arrested on administrative immigration charges at Agriprocessors Inc., in Postville, Iowa, have been charged criminally.

39 arrested in Phoenix area

Week-long joint law enforcement operations in Arizona arrested illegal aliens, 7 of whom had criminal histories.

Guilty in software auction scam

Oregon man conducted thousands of online auctions, using more than 40 fictitious usernames and online payment accounts to sell counterfeit software.

80 arrested for marriage fraud

Federal agencies teamed to round up couples who married in Florida allegedly to cheat the immigration system.

ICE arrests INTERPOL suspect

Within days of INTERPOL’s call for assistance, ICE identified and arrested a suspect in the production and distribution of child pornography.

ICE, INTERPOL seek predator’s identity

This man, whose name, nationality and location are unknown, is featured in hundreds of images of child sexual abuse.

Predator suspect joins ‘Most Wanted’ list

ICE seeks the public’s help in locating a 61-year-old California mortgage finance expert who fled after being charged with child sex tourism and possession of child pornography.

175 kilograms of cocaine seized in Puerto Rico

Three men traveling from the Dominican Republic were spotted by CBP and turned over to ICE agents, who seized about $5 million in drugs.

ICE and DOJ target ID theft at processing plants

Simultaneous enforcement actions were carried out at Pilgrim's Pride plants in 5 different states. ICE arrested more than 280 individuals suspected of committing ID theft and other criminal violations.

NY restaurant owner charged with harboring

ICE agents arrested 11 individuals for conspiring to harbor illegal aliens who were smuggled into the U.S. to work in restaurants in four states.

177 kilos of cocaine seized

A CE, CBP and Puerto Rican Police seize cocaine valued at $5 million in vessel abandoned in chase.

School head charged in visa fraud

A Beverly Hills man who operates two schools that teach English to foreign students was charged with running a visa fraud scheme that allowed foreign nationals, including Russian prostitutes, to obtain student visas.

Reward for "Most Wanted" fugitive Pena Pena

Colombia drug smuggling ring leader wanted for cocaine trafficking, money laundering and kidnapping of an ICE agent.

59 undocumented workers arrested at luxury hotel

ICE agents interviewed roughly 100 employees that resulted in the arrest of immigration status violators working at the resort. The 59 men and woman are nationals of El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina, and all face removal proceedings.

Arms seized in Arizona

A multi-agency ICE-led task force seized a weapons cache in Tucson, including a Serbu .50 caliber sniper rifle, apparently bound for Mexico.

Police killing suspect deported

Jaime Eufracio Castaneda is fingerprinted after being arrested in California on a tip from Mexican authorities.

Murder suspect returned to Mexico

A Mexican fugitive wanted for a homicide was identified in U.S. prison and sent home to face justice.

Traffickers smuggled weapons into Mexico

ICE & ATF agents arrest 3 and seizure 24 weapons.

Guilty pleas in U.N. documents fraud

Two men fraudulently procured large numbers of United States entry visas for non-U.S. citizens.

8 charged in Virginia document ring

Counterfeit ID ring sold Ohio and Puerto Rico identities to those violating immigration laws.

600 arrested in Phoenix area

Drop houses have been identified across the Phoenix metropolitan area with help of local police in the last week.

$11 million in cocaine seized

Two men were arrested in Puerto Rico for allegedly attempting to illegally import 456 kilograms of cocaine.

Fake network hardware seized

United States and Canada target the illegal distribution of counterfeit network hardware manufactured in China.

First counterfeit drug case extradition

A citizen of the Philippines was extradited to the United States from Thailand for conspiring to import and distribute counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs into the U.S.

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