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Research Data Center LogoRequirements for Using the On Site Facilities

General requirements

Researchers must work under the supervision of an RDC Staff Analyst and only during normal working hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.).


Admittance to the RDC will be limited to the researchers whose names are included in the Research Proposal.


Guest Researchers will be required to show photo identification before admittance.


External researchers are not allowed to bring documents, manuals, books, etc., that may enable them to identify and disclose the confidential information they access in the RDC.


No cell phones, pagers, or other communication devices in the facilities.


Time to conduct research in the RDC can be scheduled in increments ranging from a consecutive 2-day minimum to a consecutive 10-day maximum. Extensions can be negotiated with RDC staff subject to scheduling requirements.


Researchers wishing to link data in the RDC with external data should provide the external data to RDC staff a minimum of 7 days prior to the approved date for access to the RDC.


Researchers must conduct only those analyses which have received approval. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of the research activity and potential disbarment from future research activities in the RDC. In the case where Ethics Review Board (ERB) approval is required to conduct research, RDC staff will notify relevant ERBs of infringements of protocol approvals.


 Workstation requirements

  • A maximum of 3 collaborating researchers can sit at a computer station.
  • Only approved datasets will be available on the workstation.
  • Guest researchers must be able to conduct their analyses with the software specified in their research proposal.
  • All logs will be printed or electronically archived and will be kept by the RDC, which will retain only the programs and procedures run by external researchers. The logs will not include results from their research.

Output requirements

  • All computers output generated by statistical programs and all hand-written notes based on such computer output are subject to disclosure review by RDC staff before removal from the RDC.
  • Output is restricted to summary tables of geographic or patient-level data (e.g., line listings of diagnoses by study identifier will be prohibited).
  • Guest researchers may not save output, files, or programs to transportable electronic media. RDC staff can copy output or programs to transportable media, if requested.
  • Research proposing multiple analyses that employ multiple data sets will have access to only one dataset at a time. Under no circumstance will researchers be permitted any opportunity to merge datasets on their own.

For more information contact:

Peter Meyer, Director

Research Data Center

National Center for Health Statistics

3311 Toledo Road, Suite 4113

Hyattsville, MD 20782

Voice Mail: (301) 458-4375

Fax: (301) 458-4039


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