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  • Remote Access
    Access the NIH network and computing resources via Parachute or a virtual private network (VPN) while working away from the office or on a laptop computer.
  • nVision Data Warehouse
    The new data warehouse, nVision offers the latest reporting and business intelligence technology and is the reporting solution for the NIH Business System (NBS).
  • NIDB
    The NIH Intramural Database (NIDB) collects and disseminates information about research being performed in the Intramural Programs of the NIH.
  • NBS
    The NIH Business System (NBS) links the NIH administrative and scientific support functions as a single integrated transaction-based system.
  • ITAS
    With NIH’s Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS), federal employees can request leave, verify your timecard, donate leave, view reports, and more.
This page last reviewed: August 14, 2008