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Mr. John J. Young Jr.

AT&L Vision

The AT&L vision is to drive the capability to defeat any adversary on any battlefield. To achieve this, we need to create an inspired, high-performing, boundary-less organization that delivers. Each person must make a difference and actively participate in creation of a motivated, collaborative, and creative organization. We need to seek out new ideas and new ways of doing business. We need to be prepared to question requirements and traditional processes.


  • High-performing, Agile, and Ethical Workforce
  • Strategic and Tactical Acquisition Excellence
  • Focused Technology to Meet Warfighting Needs
  • Cost-effective Joint Logistics Support for the Warfighter
  • Reliable and Cost-Effective Industrial Capabilities Sufficient to Meet
    Strategic Objectives
  • Improved Governance and
    Decision Processes
  • Capable, Efficient, and Cost-effective Installation
  • Define Effective and Affordable Tools for the Joint Warfighter
  • Responsibly Spend Every Single Tax Dollar
  • Take Care of our People
  • DoD Transformation Priorities

"The AT&L team must continue the legacy we have inherited—a legacy of providing unmatched weapons technology that has assured the security and freedom of our Nation.”

Mr. John J. Young Jr.

  • The AT&L team must innovate and collaborate to engage the warfighting, requirements, and resourcing communities on behalf of the taxpayer
  • The AT&L team must lead the enterprise and drive business success
  • The AT&L team will operate as a neighborhood, collaborating and developing people to strengthen
    the community
  • The AT&L team must align with and support the Department’s transformation priorities




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