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710 - Established Heading Linking Entry-Corporate Name (R)

MARC 21 Authority - Full
October 2002

First Indicator
Type of corporate name entry element
0 - Inverted name
1 - Jurisdiction name
2 - Name in direct order

Second Indicator
0 - Library of Congress Subject Headings
1 - LC subject headings for children's literature
2 - Medical Subject Headings
3 - National Agricultural Library subject authority file
4 - Source not specified
5 - Canadian Subject Headings
6 - Répertoire de vedettes-matière
7 - Source specified in subfield $2

Subfield Codes
$a - Corporate name or jurisdiction name as entry element (NR)
$b - Subordinate unit (R)
$c - Location of meeting (NR)
$d - Date of meeting or treaty signing (R)
$e - Relator term (R)
$f - Date of a work (NR)
$g - Miscellaneous information (NR)
$h - Medium (NR)
$k - Form subheading (R)
$l - Language of a work (NR)
$m - Medium of performance for music (R)
$n - Number of part/section/meeting (R)
$o - Arranged statement for music (NR)
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R)
$r - Key for music (NR)
$s - Version (NR)
$t - Title of a work (NR)
$v - Form subdivision (R)
$w - Control subfield (NR)
    /0 - Link display
    /1 - Replacement complexity
$x - General subdivision (R)
$y - Chronological subdivision (R)
$z - Geographic subdivision (R)
$0 - Record control number (R)
$2 - Source of heading or term (NR)
$5 - Institution to which field applies (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Corporate name that is equivalent to the name contained in the 110 field of the same record. It links headings within a system or from different thesauri or authority files.


Most of the content designators defined for field 710 are the same as those defined for field 110 (Heading-Corporate Name), field 410 (See From Tracing-Corporate Name), and field 510 (See Also From Tracing-Corporate Name). Description, guidelines, and input conventions for shared content designators are given in the X10 Corporate Names-General Information section.

Guidelines for applying the second indicator, subfield $w (Control subfield), and $2 (Source of heading or term) in field 710 are given in the 7XX Heading Linking Entries-General Information section.


Equivalent corporate names from different thesauri:

008/09 a
[established heading record]
110 2#$aRoyal Society of Medicine (Great Britain)
[Library of Congress heading]
710 27$wa$aRoyal Society of Medicine$2 [source code]
[British Library heading]

Equivalent corporate names in a multilingual thesaurus:

008/09 a
[established heading record]
110 2#$aGalerie nationale du Canada
[LAC French heading]
710 25$wa$aNational Gallery of Canada$0(CaOONL)0000J0193E#
[Corresponding LAC English heading]

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