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111 - Heading-Meeting Name (NR)

MARC 21 Authority - Full
October 2006

First Indicator
Type of meeting name entry element
0 - Inverted name
1 - Jurisdiction name
2 - Name in direct order

Second Indicator
# - Undefined

Subfield Codes
$a - Meeting name or jurisdiction name as entry element (NR)
$c - Location of meeting (NR)
$d - Date of meeting (NR)
$e - Subordinate unit (R)
$f - Date of a work (NR)
$g - Miscellaneous information (NR)
$h - Medium (NR)
$j - Relator term (R)
$k - Form subheading (R)
$l - Language of a work (NR)
$n - Number of part/section/meeting (R)
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R)
$q - Name of meeting following jurisdiction name entry element (NR)
$s - Version (NR)
$t - Title of a work (NR)
$v - Form subdivision (R)
$x - General subdivision (R)
$y - Chronological subdivision (R)
$z - Geographic subdivision (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Established meeting name used in a name or name/title heading in established heading records or an unestablished meeting name used in these types of headings in traced or untraced reference records.


Guidelines for applying the content designators defined for field 111 and input conventions are given in the X11 Meeting Names-General Information section.


111 2#$aEuropean Congress of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
111 2#$aCentennial Exhibition$d(1876 :$cPhiladelphia, Pa.)
111 2#$aInternational Institute on the Prevention and Treatment of Alcoholism$n(26th :$d1980 :$cCardiff, Wales).$eEducation Section
111 2#$aUnited Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea$n(3rd :$d1973-1982 :$cNew York, N.Y., etc.).$eDelegations
111 2#$aInternational Purdue Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems.$eMan/Machine Interface Committee
111 2#$aConference on the Dynamics of Human Settlement Systems$d(1976 :$cInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)
111 2#$aWorkshop on Nuclear Physics with Stored, Cooled Beams$d(1984 :$cSpencer, Ind.)
111 2#$aGeophysical Symposium$n(21st :$d1976 :$cLeipzig, Germany).$tProceedings.$kSelections
111 2#$a"Foro sobre el Pueblo Guaymí y su Futuro"$d(1981 :$cPanama, Panama)
111 2#$aPurdue Pest Control Conference$vPeriodicals
111 2#$aÖsterreichischer Juristentag.$eArbeitsgemeinschaft Konsumentenschutz
111 2#$aLa Crosse Health and Sports Science Symposium
111 2#$aSymposium Internacional "Manuel Pedroso" In Memoriam$d(1976 :$cGuanajuato, Mexico)
111 2#$aWittenberg University Luther Symposium$d(1983)
111 2#$aInternational Symposium on Quality Control (1974- )$n(6th :$d1987 :$cOsaka, Japan)
111 2#$aIllinois White House Conference on Children$d(1980 :$cSpringfield, Ill.).$eChicago Regional Committee
111 2#$aSymposium on Nonsteady Fluid Dynamics,$cSan Francisco,$d1978$g(Projected, not held)
111 2#$aInternational Conference on Safety of Life at Sea$d(1960 :$cLondon, England).$tFinal act of conference with annexes including the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, signed in London, 17 June, 1960.$lChinese & English.$kSelections
111 2#$aConference on the Limitation of Armament$d(1921-1922 :$cWashington, D.C.).$tWashington Kaigi keika.$n1.$pGunbi seigen ni kansuru mondai
111 2#$aOlympics$xHistory$vJuvenile literature
111 2#$aNew York World's Fair$d(1939-1940)$xBuildings

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